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Tip of the Day - Don’t Let Up!

By Larry Hodges | Dec. 26, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Sy Wasserman

USA Table Tennis Hall of Famer and Junior Table Tennis Contributor Si Wasserman at the 2013 US National Championships

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Larry Hodges

Don’t Let Up!

One of the most common upsets occurs when a player wins the first game very easily and then loses the match. There is such a thing as "second game blues," where you win the first so easily you have difficulty playing all-out in the second game. If you win the first game very easily, and the opponent is at all competitive, beware! It’s the recipe for a sudden turn-around and upset, if you aren’t careful. The best remedy? Assume the second is really the first, and start over exactly as you did in the first game where you won easily. Above all, never change a winning game.

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