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Tip of the Day - Coming Back or Beating Stronger Players

By Larry Hodges | Dec. 24, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Frank Lackie

Frank Lackie (Portland Table Tennis) at the 2013 US National Championships

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Larry Hodges

Coming Back or Beating Stronger Players

Suppose you are well behind in the first game. Your only way of winning that game is if you play very well, and your opponent plays poorly. Therefore, assume this is true, and play your tactics accordingly!

The same strategy can be used when playing a much stronger player if you can’t beat him unless you play well and he doesn’t, then assume both, and play your tactics accordingly!

In both cases above, you assume your opponent is going to miss if he goes for difficult shots, and so you give him those types of shots. At the same time, you assume you will make most difficult shots, and so take those shots. However, don’t overplay that’s the quickest way to blow a lot of points. Find the right balance.

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