By Jacob Deitcher, USATT Media

Table tennis is one of the most played and most popular sports in the world. Table tennis is great to play recreationally and competitively. Why do so many people around the world enjoy playing table tennis? Here’s why:

Playing table tennis is an excellent way to exercise. Table tennis is one of the quickest games in the world and players must move laterally constantly and have great cardiovascular health. All players, from amateurs to Olympians, benefit from raising their heart rate during a table tennis match. Also, table tennis is a safe sport to play because it is not a contact sport. Table tennis is easy on the body and can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Table tennis is also a sport that has many different styles of play. Different styles allow for players to play at any age. Whether a player focuses on hitting the ball hard, developing keen accuracy or even developing different types of spin on the ball, anyone can have success playing table tennis with enough practice and dedication.

Table tennis also rewards athletes who are strategic. Successful table tennis players must plan their shots, think about what their opponent is trying to accomplish and then execute their specific strategy. Developing strategy requires a lot of practice but luckily table tennis can be played at anytime. Table tennis is played competitively indoors and usually recreational tables are also located indoors. This means that weather is a nonfactor in table tennis, so dedicated players can play throughout the year and during the day and even at night.

Most important, table tennis centers are opening throughout the United States, which is improving organized play and allowing younger table tennis players to join clubs and develop their skills. Also, table tennis centers are allowing for players to make new friends. The table tennis community is a tight knit one and now players are becoming closer than ever. With more tournaments being created and more clubs being founded, table tennis players are networking like they never have before.