Eligibility and qualification requirements

  1. In order to qualify for the league championship, participating leagues must consist of a minimum of 3 teams representing 3 different clubs
  2. Any league interested in participating in the league championship must register with the league committee by July 31
    • League must have played at least one full season prior to competing in championship
    • League must provide the committee with a list of participating clubs in the league, team rosters, schedules, results and other supporting documentation that it is a legitimate league
    • Committee will review and verify this information to ensure the league meets the minimum requirements to participate in the championship
  3. Teams participating in the championship must:
    • Have a minimum of 3 players
    • Represent a USATT-affiliated club (must be the same club they represented during their league season)
    • No minimum rating requirement for participating players or teams
  4. Players on a team roster competing in the league championship must:
    • Be current USATT members
    • Have competed for their team in at least two team contests during their league’s regular season
    • Compete in matching team uniforms
    • Uniforms should include player names on the back of the jerseys