The US Club Championships is a new event at the USATT Nationals, which have been included since 2009. 

USATT Regional Map

Who can participate in this event?

This is not an open event, there are only eight spots for this contest, one assigned to each region in US according to the subdivision in the USATT website.

Clubs should work together in order to create their own club league.   Winners from each league in the same region should play a regional final for the spot assigned to the region.   The eight winners from each region will play the Club Championship once a year at the USATT Nationals.

How can I create a League?

The regulations for league are still under development.  But as a general guidelines we have:

  1. Each league must be composed by at least three clubs.
  2. This is a team event, with at least three players per team.
  3. Some formats currently used in the existing club leagues are: Olympic format (3 out 5 with four singles and one double),  Old world cup format (5 out 9 with 9 singles).   Clubs should play round robin, also they could be divided in levels.   But only the winners of the highest division could play for the spot in the regional level.

What are the fees for the event?

Leagues are free to create their own structure and determine their own fees, awards and prize, USATT will not support financially any league.   The Club Championship event at the US Nationals has a fee of $30 for the team.

What are the awards in the event at the USATT Nationals?

The Club Championship event has a Trophy and medals for the winner and medals for the runner-up and the honor of being the Club Champion of US for the year.

2013 National Club Champion

2013 National Club Champions - Indian Community Center - Yong Hui Liang, Timothy Wang, Coach Massimo Costantini, and Zhou Xin

Read feature article, results and video from 2013 Finals in Las Vegas.

2012 CCCF Team

2012 National Club Champions - Chinese Community Center of Flushing, NY - Taylor Wang, Jennifer Wu, Howard Sang, Hiroka Ooka, Shao Yu, Gao Yanjun, and Liu Juan