Welcome to a new age of table tennis. 

We stand by our motto: ‘Bringing table tennis to the masses.’ In sync with this philosophy, we welcome everyone to our club: from first time players to past Olympians. 

With 19 tables, rubberized flooring, 20+ foot ceilings, private party rooms, and a robot practice room, our 13,000 square foot facility sets the standard for table tennis in the Bay Area. Come visit our club and join in on the fun today! 

At The TopSpin, we pride ourselves on five core values.

  1. Respect eachother
  2. Respect our equipment / facility
  3. Be a good sportsperson
  4. Use kid-friendly language
  5. Most importantly – have fun! 

Our talented coaching staff is led by Khoa Nguyen; two-time US Olympian, USATT Hall of Fame member, 2000 North American Champion, and 1987 Pan-American Games Mixed Doubles Champion. We offer both private and group coaching with instruction suitable for any level; whether you’re looking to beat your friends in the garage (although we’d recommend playing at The TopSpin!), just starting to get serious, or a national team hopeful. 

Looking for equipment? Our pro shop carries a wide section of high-quality equipment, and our knowledgeable staff is extremely capable of helping select the perfect paddle (or other accessories) for your game! 

Curious to learn more about The TopSpin? Check out our website (www.thetopspin.com) or get involved on social media! 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/thetopspintt

Instagram:  @thetopspintt

Twitter:  @thetopspintt

Kevin Korb


A Bay Area native, Kevin previously served as both club president and a player for the University of Southern California’s collegiate table tennis team, the Ping Pong Posse (or P^3 for short). In April 2015, Kevin and the P^3 took home the bronze medal at the TMS 2015 NCTTA National Championships. 

Did you know? 

With more than 25,000 followers, Kevin boasts the largest and most successful table tennis-related account on Instagram (@KevinKorb). He also maintains a Twitter account (@Korbkid) and launched www.KevinsTableTennis.com, where he publishes table tennis discussions, videos, and equipment reviews. Check it out!