At your first organizational meeting, a steering committee should be established. The steering committee is a temporary group that will be responsible for the initial development of the club with regard to:

  • Finding a place to play
  • Finding equipment (i.e., tables and nets)
  • Establishing meeting dates and times
  • Trying to find a sponsor

When the steering committee has accomplished its tasks, a meeting should be announced to those who have shown an interest and to the general public. At this meeting, a club name should be decided on (usually reflecting the locality or sponsorship) and officers elected.

The club will need a president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. Each officer has a defined role in the club.


  • Presides at all meetings of the membership or officers
  • Appoints or determines all committees and chairmen
  • Aids in conducting correspondence
  • Makes periodic reports to the membership

Vice President

  • With the approval of the majority of officers, prescribes disciplinary action
  • Acts as president in the absence of the president or at the president's direction


  • Records minutes of meeting
  • Prepares and distributes correspondence, notices, agendas, tournament reports, etc., that are not specifically assigned to others
  • Responsible for the safe-keeping of club funds
  • Keeps an accounting of the club