Table tennis is a sport that emphasizes individualism. Those who play table tennis are often independent, think-for-themselves kind of people. Yet, it is difficult to fully enjoy the game without the association and the comradeship found in a group of people sharing a common interest. In the world of organized sport, that group of players is called a "table tennis club".

Some clubs are formal business-like structures, and others are no more than neighbors having fun. Some have a large membership and permanent playing site, and others have four or five players and hope from month to month that they can stay in the church basement.

Every club has its own special set of problems, both in organization and operation. This manual is an effort to help you, the club organizer, come up with some effective solutions. To assist the community-sponsored club is this booklet's primary goal.

If in the course of your work to start and run a club you come upon any unusual problems or successful solutions or projects, be sure to let us know so that the information might be shared with others.

It's a challenge to start a table tennis club, but it's exciting, rewarding, and (most of the time) fun. Be persistent in your efforts, and you will be rewarded with a great deal of satisfaction.

Good luck!