The Synchro Athlete of the Month is someone who demonstrates leadership in the pool and in the community with the goal of growing the sport at the grass-roots level.

Eligibility:  All USA Synchro athletes registered and in good standing with the organization and their clubs are eligible, including Collegiate and Masters athletes.  Athlete nomination forms submitted will remain in the consideration set for 3 months following submission before being removed; there is no limit to how many times a nomination form can be resubmitted, however, athletes can receive no more than one award each Olympic Quad (current Olympic Quad is 2017-2020).

Nomination Process:  Any current member of USA Synchro can submit a nomination.  The Synchro Athlete of the Month - Nomination Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted electronically by the 1st of each month to be eligible for that month's award.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the person who submitted the nomination.  The USA Synchro Marketing and Promotion Committee will review nominations and vote on a monthly basis.

Award Notification, Recognition and Communication:  The person who submitted the nomination, along with the award recipient will be notified by the USA Synchro National Office.  The award recipient will receive a $50 gift card, national recognition through USA Synchro's communication channels (social media, email to membership, website), and potential announcements through other platforms.

For additional information about the Synchro Athlete of the Month award, click here.

For any questions about the Synchro Athlete of the Month award, please contact the USA Synchro National Office.

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This Year's Winners:

January 2018:  Lindsay Papper

February 2018:  Zoe Tomlinson

March 2018:  Anna Efstate

April 2018:  Amy Mueller

 May 2018:  Andrea Diaz

Last Year's Winners:

December 2017: Julia Grammatico

November 2017: Natalie Lagrone

October 2017: Anne Bouley

September 2017: Kenny Gaudet

August 2017: Katie Reveno

July 2017: Bristol Hough

June 2017: Claire Ermer 

May 2017: Liz Zhang