Katie Reveno Named SwimOutlet.com Athlete of the Month

Aug. 30, 2017, 1:48 p.m. (ET)

Katie Reveno, left, is the SwimOutlet.com Athlete of the Month for August.

Katie Reveno, a 15-year-old member of the Coral Springs Aquacades, has been named the SwimOutlet.com Athlete of the Month for August.

Katie has enjoyed a successful year in the water, having been the 13-15 South Zone figure champion and earning a spot on the U.S. 13-15 National Team 2, which recently competed at the UANA Pan American Championships in Chile.

Her dedication to the sport of synchronized swimming has been steadfast. She swam for seven years at MAC Synchro in her hometown of Portland, Ore., before her family relocated to Atlanta last summer. Not finding any synchro teams nearby, Katie found a school 30 minutes from Coral Springs, Fla., that would allow her to live on campus and practice with the Coral Springs Aquacades, coached by Ashley Johnson.

“Living away from her family at age 14 and commuting an hour a day for practice this past year was both challenging and rewarding and attests to just how far she is willing to go to pursue the sport she loves,” writes her mother, Amanda Reveno. “Whereas many swimmers would have turned the page and picked a new activity, Katie instead changed her whole life to continue her synchro journey in the face of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.”

Katie has encouraged and mentored younger swimmers by volunteering at practice, season tryouts and meets, and by serving as a synchro “big sister” for many novice and intermediate teammates over the years. Her dedication to synchro has led her to an ambitious project: to write a children’s chapter book geared toward girls ages 4-8.

“Katie was determined to find a way to help get more girls to try synchro. Aside from ensuring the future of the sport, she also believes more girls should enjoy the same feelings of empowerment, confidence and belonging that she has gained through synchro,” Amanda writes. “In order to make sure this book includes all the aspects of synchro that are most exciting to potential young swimmers, Katie started out by designing a survey and collecting data from swimmers around the country to better understand why they started synchro, how they found out about synchro, what they love about synchro, and other details. She then incorporated all of these aspects, such as friendships with teammates, fun music, glamor, and the unique blend of dancing and swimming into her storyline.”

Katie recently completed the first draft of this 80-page chapter book tentatively titled “Synchro Sisters Forever,” which details the exploits of three elementary school friends who discover synchro together. She is currently in the process of having it illustrated, fundraising to cover initial publishing costs, and working with USA Synchro to develop a marketing plan. She believes the book will help grow synchro in the United States by encouraging more girls to enter the sport and by raising funds for USA Synchro through book sales.

Katie, USA Synchro is proud to name you as its SwimOutlet.com Swimmer of the Month!

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