Bristol Hough Named Athlete of the Month

Aug. 01, 2017, 1:17 p.m. (ET)
Bristol Hough is's Athlete of the Month for July.

Bristol Hough, a 15-year-old member of the Kansas City Sea Sprites, has been named the Athlete of the Month for July.

Hough is currently competing for the Sea Sprites in team, combo and duet and hopes to pass her Level 4 Assessment before next competition season so she can attend Nationals.

“Bristol is an excellent ambassador for synchro in our community,” said her coach, Emma Mrkonic. “She is passionate about the sport and shares her passion with friends and family outside of synchro, often getting those who have never experienced the sport to volunteer at local meets. Her sister Sasha is also one of her teammates.”

According to Mrkonic, Bristol is a hard worker and "a joy" to coach. Although Bristol is one of the youngest members of the team, her coach says she leads by example with her work ethic and has been the top performer at all of the Levels testing meets.

 “She approaches every practice with a growth mindset and consistently focuses on the small details that add up to big improvements over time,” Mrkonic said. “Her coaches have seen massive improvements each year she has spent with the team, from learning and perfecting swim strokes, to improving flexibility, vertical height and endurance in figures and routines.”

Bristol has been chosen as a student delegate for an exchange trip to Hisaghimuaryama, Japan, this summer. She is also a licensed quail breeder in the state of Missouri and a member of her school’s debate team.

Mrkonic said there were two examples of Bristol’s athletic accomplishments that stand out. The first was when the team implemented a consistent schedule for measuring splits.

“Bristol started out almost 5 inches from the ground on both her right and left splits, but in a few short months of consistently working her stretching at home, she was completely flat,” she said. “She has continued to make massive strides with oversplits and is currently working for flat, squared splits.”

The second example of Bristol's athletic drive, according to her coach, has been her hard work and dedication to her duet partner, Nasrin.

“In their second year of partnership, they are already close friends and have a very productive working relationship, due in part to Bristol's leadership. In addition to their multiple routine swims at practice, Bristol and her duet partner have dedicated an extra hour of duet practice in the mornings each week and have begun a ‘squat ladder’ challenge that they complete at the end of each practice. Bristol's approachable enthusiasm and zeal for challenges are infectious, and even the coaches have joined in on the post-practice squat challenge.”

Bristol, USA Synchro is proud to name you as its Swimmer of the Month!

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