1951    In. - Joan Fogerty, Arrowhead Spr. San Bernardino
1952    In. - Nancy Wallace, Athens Club Oakland
            Out. - Marjorie Repass Corkettes, Houston
1953    In. - Joanne Millin, Crystal Pool San Francisco
            Out. - Rosalind Calcaterra, Y.W.C.A. St. Louis
1954    In. -  Joanne Royer, Riverside Aquettes
            Out. - Lorraine Muzenski, Unattached, Newark;
            Men Bert Hubbard, Detroit Women's City Club

1955    In. - Elizabeth Sunbarger, Corkettes of Houston
            Out. - Gretchen Lechner, Berea Aquateens
1956    In. - Tony Stewart Unattached, Chicago
            Out. - Mary Anne Teague, Corkettes of Houston
1957    In. - Dolores Lardieri, Newark Aquabelles
            Out. - Gillian Hall, Bristol Girls Club
1958    In. - Sue Ann Hammel, Unattached, Dayton
            Out. - Jill Harms, New Providence Boys Club
1959    In. - Paula Bonnier, Detroit Park and Rec.
            Out. - Rosemary Ueckert, Corkettes of Houston
1960    In. - Barbara Burke, University Club Hollywood
            Out. - Marcia Blixt, Oakland Moose Naiads
1961    In. - Joanne Schaack, University Club Hollywood
            Out. - Linda Jones, Corkettes of Houston
1962    In. - Nancy Stapenhorst, Shaw Park St. Louis
            Out. - Louella Sommers, San Francisco Merionettes    
1963    In. - Jan Kupferer, Shaw Park St. Louis
            Out. - Vicki Barnhouse, Columbus Coralina Club
1964    In. - Pam Morris, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Patty Willard, San Francisco Merionettes
1965    In. - Nancy Hines, Columbus Coralina Club
            Out. - Kim Welshons, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1966    In. - Jackie Lyle, K.R.N.T. Des Moines
            Out. - Dianne Howell, Danville Howell Swim Club
1967    In. - Kathy Kretschmer, Dayton Aquanymphs
            Out. - Norma Fish, San Francisco Merionettes
1968    In. - Kris Welshons, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Kathy Bryant, Unattached, San Francisco
1969    In. - Barbara Trantina, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Heidi O'Rourke, San Francisco Merionettes
1970    In. - Carol Reynolds, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Gail Johnson, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Linda Jones, Corkettes of Houston

1971    In. - Joan Lang, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Teresa Andersen, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1972    In. - Gina Childers, Glendale Swim Club
            Out. - Jackie Douglass, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1973    In. - Karen Morris, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Amy Miner, San Francisco Merionettes
1974    In. - Amanda Norrish, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Robin Curren, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1975    In. - Sherry Taylor, Cygnets of San Antonio
            Out. - Sue Baross, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1976    In. - Michele Barone, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Pam Tryon, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1977    In. - Michelle Beaulieu, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Linda Shelley, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1978    In. - Cynthia Engle, California Coralettes
            Out. - Gerri Brandley, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1979    In. - Brenda Florio, Hamden Heronettes
            Out. - Candy Costie, Seattle Aqua Club

1980    In. - Tracie Ruiz, Seattle Aqua Club
            Out. - Becky Roy, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1981    In. - Robin Waller, Meraquas of Irvine
            Out. - Sarah Josephson, Hamden Heronettes
1982    In. - Mary Visniski, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Lea Bean, Meraquas of Irvine
1983    In. - Holly Spencer, Seattle Aqua Club
            Out. - Lisa Babb, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1984    In. - Karen Josephson, Ohio State University
            Out. - Kim Stanley, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1985    In. - Kristen Babb, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Patti Lynn, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1986    In. - Susan Reed, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Tracy Long, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1987    In. - Lisa Riddell, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Betsy Visniski, Ohio State University
1988    In. - Karen Madsen, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Heather Simmons, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1989    In. - Michelle Sviteniko, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Janet Wiecking, Briarwood Anemones
1990    In. - Nathalie Schneyder, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Amy Pryor, Ohio State University
1991    Emily Porter, Arizona Aquastars
1992    Tammy Cleland, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1993    Becky Jasontek, Cincinnati Synchrogators
1994    Emily Marsh, Ohio State University
1995    Alanna O'Leary, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1996    Alanna O'Leary, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1997    Lauren McFall, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1998    Becky Martin, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1999    Becky Martin, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2000    Katie Norris, Tallahassee Serinas
2001    Alison Bartosik, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2002    Sara Lowe, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2003    Barbara Nesbitt, Riverside Aquettes
2004    Christina Jones, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2005    Christina Jones, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2006    Brooke Abel, Riverside Aquettes
2008    Mary Killman, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2009    Alexa Tchekmarev, Troy Synchro
2010    Alexa Tchekmarev, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2011    Alexa Tchekmarev, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2012    Alexa Tchekmarev, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2013    Emma Baranski, New Canaan Aquianas
2014    Karina Boyle, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2015    Mary Killman, Lindenwood University
2016    Nicole Dzurko, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2017    Caitlin Klauer, Optima Synchro
2018    Nicole Dzurko, Santa Clara Aquamaids

1948    In. - Jean Millard/Iris Reilly Peterborough Canada
1949    In. - Shirley Simpson/Connie Todoroff, St. Clair Synchronettes
1950    In. - Lynne Laue/Carol Nedler, Chicago Town Club
1952    In. - Joan Pawson/Lynn Pawson, Athens Club Oakland
            Out. - Marjorie Repass/Barbara Wilder ,Houston Corkettes
1953    In. - Judy Elliott/Maureen O'Connell, St. Clair Synchronettes
            Out. - Paula Bonnier/Pat Chapp, Detroit Park & Rec.
1954    In. - Maureen Jordan/Carol Jordan, St. Clair Synchronettes
            Out. - Loretta Barrious/Sally Phillips, Athens Club Oakland
            Out. Men - Lee Embrey/Bert Hubbard, Detroit Women's City Club
1955    In. - Elizabeth Sunbarger/Laura Payne, Corkettes of Houston
            Out. - Jackie Vargas/Marlene Marshall, Oakland Sea Sirens
1956    In. - Benelle Scott/Jean King, Michigan State University
            Out. - Kathy Brooks/Gretchen Lechner, Berea Aquateens
1957    In. - Peggy Howard/Doris Payne, Corkettes of Houston
            Out. - Pat Green/Sue Lawrence, Athens Club of Oakland
1958    In. - Kayda Zavita/Sue Smith, Lansing Sea Sprites
            Out. - Sharon Dean/Lynn Kristic, Oakland Moose Naiads
1959    In. - Pat Heitger/Carol Swanson, Columbus Coralina Club
            Out. - Gillian Hall/Dayle Benson, Bristol Synchronettes
1960    In. - Diana Nelson/Jan Waters, K.R.N.T. Des Moines
            Out. - Beth Browning/Linda Jones, Corkettes of Houston
1961    In. - Sharon Hood/Claire Vida, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Barbara Burke/Joanne Schaack, University Club Hollywood
1962    In. - Vicki Barnhouse/Teri Heitger, Columbus Coralina Club
            Out. - Jan Kupferer/Nancy Stapenhorst, Shaw Park St. Louis
1963    In. - Patsy Kelly/Mary Whybrow, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Mary Jo Capps/Liz Wells, Shaw Park St. Louis
1964    In. - Kathy Craig/Debbie Howell, Danville Howell Swim Club
            Out. - Margaret Durbrow/Patty Willard, San Francisco Merionettes
1965    In. - Pam Albin/Barbara Shervanick, Riverside Aquettes
            Out. - Margo McGrath/Carol Redmond ,San Francisco Merionettes
1966    In. - Dianne Howell/Melinda Sellers, Danville Howell Swim Club
            Out. - Nancy Hines/Kim Welshons Santa Clara Aquamaids
1967    In. - Norma Fish/Sharon Lawson, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Kim Gonterman/Sherrill Gonterman Shaw Park St. Louis
1968    In. - Charlotte Jennings/Diann Smith, Washington A.C. Seattle
            Out. - Joan Lang/Barbara Trantina, San Francisco Merionettes
1969    In. - Kathy Bryant/Kris Welshons, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Angie Taylor/Betsy Hart, Cygnets of San Antonio
1970    In. - Teresa Andersen/Gail Johnson, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Nancy Doyle/Kathy Jansen, Cygnets of San Antonio
1971    In. - Cynthia Anderson/Sue Morris, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Kathy Kretschmer/Amy Miner, San Francisco Merionettes
1972    In. - Jackie Douglass/Gail Gardner, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Robin Curren/Amanda Norrish Santa Clara Aquamaids
1973    In. -  Denise Gallagher/Karen Morris, San Francisco Merionettes
            Out. - Debbie Reagan/Linda Reagan, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1974    In. - Dana Moore/Suzanne Randell, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Sherry Taylor/Clare Kenward, Cygnets of San Antonio
1975    In. - Michele Barone/Pam Tryon, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Sue Duffy/Diane Staatsburg Tonawanda Aquettes
1976    In. -  Lori Green/Cynthia Engle, California Coralettes
            Out. - Karen Callaghan/Suzanne Cameron Walnut Creek Aquanuts    
1977    In. - Michelle Beaulieu/Gerri Brandley, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Marie White/Sara White Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1978    In. - Brenda Florio/Laura Florio, Hamden Heronettes
            Out. - Tara Cameron/Cindy Klein, California Coralettes
1979    In. -  Candy Costie/Tracie Ruiz, Seattle Aqua Club
            Out. - Julie Olson/Becky Roy, Walnut Creek Aquanuts

1980    In. - Karen Josephson/Sarah Josephson, Hamden Heronettes
            Out. - Kathy Kish/Holly Spencer Santa Clara Aquamaids
1981    In. - Darla Dillan/Gloria Dillan, Seattle Aqua Club
            Out. - Lisa Babb/Kim Stanley, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1982    In. -  Alice Smith/Margarita Smith, University of Arizona
            Out. - Lea Bean/Betsy Visniski Meraquas of Irvine
1983    In. - Terri Champ/Barbara Miller Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Lorri Harrell/Lisa Riddell, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1984    In. - Kristen Babb/Michelle Svitenko, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Karen Madsen/Dee Cohen Meraquas of Irvine
1985    In. - Tracy Long/Susan Reed, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Patti Lynn/Heather Simmons, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1986    In. - Laura Fowler/Ruth Weinberg Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Tracy Fearnow/Christy Foster Santa Clara Aquamaids
1987    In. - Lori Dickie/Robin Roberts, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Cheryl Wiegand/Debbie Wiegand, Ohio State University
1988    In. - Becky Dyroen/Jill Sudduth, Santa Clara Aquamaids
            Out. - Suzannah Dyroen/Laurie Martin Santa Clara Aquamaids
1989    In. - Lori McCoy/Jill Savery Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Natasha Haynes/Katie Killebrew Santa Clara Aquamaids
1990    In. - Nathalie Schneyder/Margot Thien, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Yasuko Morikawa/Jenny Munoz, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1991   Laurie McClelland/Jenny Ohanesian, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1992    Laurie McClelland/Jenny Ohanesian, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1993    Becky Jasontek/Kim Ochsner, Cincinnati Synchrogators
1994    Kristina Lum/Alanna O'Leary, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1995    Alanna O'Leary/Elicia Marshall, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1996    Alanna O'Leary/Elicia Marshall, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1997    Becky Martin/Lauren McFall, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1998    Becky Martin/Lauren McFall, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1999    Alison Bartosik/Becky Martin, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2000    Alison Bartosik/Andrea Nott, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2001    Alison Bartosik/Sara Lowe, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2002    Stephanie Nesbitt/Courtenay Stewart, Riverside Aquettes
2003    Kate Hooven/Becky Kim Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2004    Christina Jones/Jessica McMahon, Santa Clara Aquamiads
2005    Christina Jones/Carolyn Watts, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2006    Brooke Abel/Meghan Kinne,y Riverside Aquettes
2007    Heidi McMahon/Carolyn Watts, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2008    Mary Killman/Nadia Rais, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2009    Lauren Nicholson, Page Ramsey, Riverside Aquettes
2010    Alyson Haylor, Alexa Tchekmarev, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2011    Alyson Haylor, Marisa Tashima, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2012    Alyson Haylor, Alexa Tchekmarev (Kaitlin Staines), Walnut
            Creek Aquanuts

2013    Rebecca Moody, Karensa Toja, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2014    Karina Boyle, Dana Drury, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
2015    Mary Killman, Vasilisa Mironova, Lindenwood University
2016    Hyowon Celine Joo, Jacklyn Ha Luu (Rachel Lau), Santa Clara

2017    Rachel Lau, Jacklyn Ha Luu, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2018    Nicole Dzurko, Hailee Heinrich, Santa Clara Aquamaids


1946    Out. - Chicago Town Club: Doris Dieskow, Phyllis Hirsch, Shirley Brown, Phyllis Burrell, Billie Voelker, Rosemarie Voelker, Audrey
            Huettenrauch, Marion Mittlacher
1947    Out. - Chicago Marlin Club: N. Koe, J. Levinson, M. Levinson, S. Levinson, V. Pauley, L. Prosby, D. Pullman, D. Timmins
1948    In. - St. Clair Synchronettes: P. Boetcher, L. Stocking, J. Micus, B. Micus
1951    In. - Pacific Coast Club: Joanne Royer, Joanne Willis, Mary Lou Engle, Stephanie Witt, Pearl Redding, P. Simanski, Sharon Powell,
            Diane McKinney
1952    In. - Athens Club Oakland: Dawn Pawson Bean, Joan Pawson, Lynn Pawson, Sally Phillips, Maura Stone, June Young
            Out. - Corkettes of Houston: Margie Repass, Elizabeth Sunbarger, B. Wilder, Joy Cushman
1953    In. - Athens Club Oakland: Joanne Berthelson, Sandy Kalunki, Jackie Brown, Joanne Brobst
            Out. - Houston Crystal Pool: Anne Lewis, Lolly Anderson, Marian Jobst, Stephanie Mosheim
1954    In. - St. Clair Synchronettes: Pat Chapp, Judy Elliott, Paula Bonnier, Maureen O'Donnell
            Out. - Corkettes of Houston: Laura Lee Payne, Beth Browning, Carole Jacobs, Martha Ann Kaufman
1955    In. - San Fran. Synchronettes: Miriam McDonald, Pat Cronin, F. Lett, Barbara Engle
            Out. - K.R.N.T. Des Moines: M. Moran, E. McDonald, S. Bell, G. Annable, K. Biesenmeyer
1956    In. - Athens Club Oakland: Jackie DuFosse, Jaclyn Ryan, Pat Green, Carol Reidt, Jan Theoni, Laura Baldwin
            Out. - Kiwettes Canada: (h) L. Wood, D. Gibson, C. Morton, H. Costers
            Out. - Bristol Synchronettes: D. Benson, A. Dimeo, G. Hall, R. Lott, C. Cavaliere
1957    In. - Berea Aquateens: Kathy Brooks, Gretchen Lechner, Karen Luedke, Mary Ann Davis
            Out. - Dallas Catalinas: Sue Hammel, Maewin Clem, Alice McRedmond, Carolyn Carroll 
1958    In. - Salt Lake Deseret: Irene Humphries, Linda Blackham, Norma Becker, Maryann Olsen
            Out. - Coralina Club: Sue Hauck, Gloria Hauck, Carol Swanson, Pat Heitger
1959    In. - Lansing Sea Sprites: Mary Jean Campbell, Betsy Fox, Anne Harrison, Susan Lundberg, Susan Montgomery, Kayda Zavitz
            Out. - Corkettes, Houston: Janet Loeffler, Janie Lozo, Carole Stephson, Rosemarie Ueckert
1960    In. - Lansing Sea Sprites: Mary Flewelling, Bonnie Kruger, Meredy Menzies, Paula Stiles, Virginia Wahl
            Out. - San Fran. Merionettes: Margaret Durbrow, Sharon Hood, Phyllis Firman, Sydonia Fisher, Louella Sommers, Mary Whybrow
1961    In. - Coralina Club: Vicki Barnhouse, Nancy Hines, Sally Kinney, Teri Heitger, Kathy Sullivan
            Out. - Shaw Park St. Louis: Mary Jo Capps, Jan Kupferer, Nancy Staphenhorst, Liz Wells
1962    In. - Athens Club Oakland: Margie Lawrence, Pat Brehm, Cathy Hamburg, Marion Whitner, Marcia Blixt, Barbara Newman
            Out. - Dayton Aquanymphs: Rosie Clark, Margaret Constable, Linda Davenport, Barbara Henry, Joann Layford
1963    In. - Lansing Sea Sprites: Mary Beuerle, Becky Day, Donna McDonald, Sue Murphy, Sue Shackleton, Cindy Snyder
            Out. - San Fran. Merionettes: Roberta Gleason, Rhea Irvine, Sharon Lawson, Kathy McBride, Margo McGrath, Patsy Mical
1964    In. - Coralina Club: Karen Blackburn, Anne Dueler, Janet Van Atta, Holly Barnhouse, Connie Williams, Linda Williams
            Out. - Howell Swim Club: Kathy Craig, Gail Gardner, Debbie Howell, Dianne Howell, Kathy Knibbe, Melinda Sellers
1965    In. - Shaw Park St. Louis: Nancy Bock, Kathy Dryden, Laurie Jordan, Sandy Gambaro, Kathy Stephens, Kathy McMullin, Suzanne
            Leppo, Marsha Steinback
            Out. - Riverside Aquettes: Pam Albin, Molly Baross, Kathy Faure, Ginger Norris, Barbara Shervanick, Sally Silva
1966    In. - Dayton Aquanymphs: Sue Henger, Linda King, Sue Nordquist, Kathy Kretschmer, Vickey Weir
            Out. - Cygnets of San Antonio: Cindy Banker, Susan Jordan, Jan Buchanan, Betsy Hart, Babs Bazar, Jo Anne Glauberg, Mary
Wiedenfeld, Sherry Wiedenmann
1967    In. - San Fran. Merionettes: Norma Fish, Judy Hardiman, Joan Lang, Kathy Nordhausen, Heidi O'Rourke, Barbara Trantina
            Out. - Howell Swim Club: Nancy Lee, Gail Johnson, Pat Torrenga, Nancy Olson
1968    In. - Shaw Park St. Louis" Jackie Douglass, Sherrill Gonterman, Kim Gonterman, Jan Breckenridge, Sharon Langebeck, Sandy Langenbeck
            Out. - San Fran. Merionettes: Barbara Cooney, Maureen Daly, Amy Miner, Lona Gallagher, Sue Morris, Carrie Turman
1969    In. - Cygnets of San Antonio: Angie Taylor, Nancy Doyle, Jeannie Hayden, Kathy Jansen, Karen Acree, Sherry Taylor
            Out. - Seattle Aqua Club: Connie Brewer, Charlotte Jennings, Karen Anderson, Diane Smith, Renee Couchee, Sue Pearson,
Coleen Jones, Elaine Zarkades
1970    In. - Berea Aquateens: Joan Barris, Sandy Beran, Nancy Mancini, Jo Anne Ferguson, Pat Leake, Kay Ruenzel, Pat Sandhoff, Becky Storey
            Out. - San Fran. Merionettes: Cinny Anderson, Denise Gallagher, Sunny Horstmeyer, Joan Hillsman, Karen Morris, Nancy Hunt,
Anne Kraemer, Ann Stevens
1971    In. - Cygnets of San Antonio: Jo Claire Oliverio, Lynn Hooper, Melody Farquahr, Margo Hernandez, Linda Gardner, Kris Berry, Gaye
            Maxey, Shannon Carmody
            Out. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Amanda Norrish, Robin Curren, Pam Tryon, Suzanne Randell, Susan Martin, Ruthann Cross, Debbie
            Gartner, Michele Barone
1972    In. - Tustin Meraquas: Nanette Arpin, Kevis Bean, Diana Nelson, Lori Nelson, Roberta Morgan, Bunny Stickler, Robin Summerl, Kathi
            Out. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Leslie Ahlf, Shannon Everist, Linda Reagan, Cathy Lagomarsino, Denise Laughrey, Anne McCormick,
            Debbie Reagan, Mary Irion
1973    In. - San Fran. Merionettes: Linda Adams, Laura Cameron, Carol Clark, Kimberly Evart, Linda Gray, Jane Johnson, Diane Lang,
            Lori Nelson
            Out. - California Coralettes: Cynthia Engle, Lori Green, Mindy Haines, Barbara Koch, Diane Reese, Lee Ann Reese, Marie White,
            Sara White
1974    In. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Cindy Anderson, Erin Barr, Mary Ellen Longo, Roxanne Herrick, Jill Schroyer, Linda Shelley,
            Helene Sheptin
            Out. - Tonawanda Aquettes: Kathy Krempholtz, Mary Beth Sowers, Marilyn Marciano, LuAnn Benfanti, Diane Staatsburg, Kathy Rankin,
            Pam Menth, Sue Duffy
1975    In. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Karen Callaghan, Suzanne Cameron, Paula Everist, Sue Flanders, Diane Jones, Julie Olson, Margaret
            Schremp, Sue Templeton
            Out. - Cygnets of San Antonio: Robyn Stearns, Janet Yates, Becky Price, Rene Ratliff, Betty Longstaff, Melodie Kay, Clare Kenward,
            Leslie Mason
1976    In. - Tustin Meraquas: Avilee Bean, Kerrie Hein, Robin Ikeda, Cory Lamb, Mary Lou Ott, Mary Ann Parker, Sue Toltzman, Janet Tope
            Out. - Hamden Heronettes: Brenda Florio, Laura Florio, Ann Foley, Melissa Irvine, Regina Ketchale, Rita McHugh, Karen Rascale,
            Janine Sacramone
1977    In. - Cygnets of San Antonio: Carla Dunlap, Janet Easton, Linda Lampe, Leslie Ringrose, Pam Rowland, Shellie Swan, Diana Tedder,
            Kim Watta
            Out. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Beth Denison, Ruth Fleming, Becky Roy, Jan Hall, Monica Mendenhall, Dawn Nelson, Sherry Phipps,
            Leslie Schremp
1978    In. - Tonawanda Aquettes: Laurie Beitz, Chris Keleher, Barbara Earsing, Gigi Darlich, Cathy Mineo, Heidi Greiner, Cathleen O'Brien
            Out. - Seattle Aqua Club: Candy Costie, Tracie Ruiz, Gloria Dillan, Darla Dillan, Lezlee Powell, Lisa Mork, Melissa Berg, Amy Campbell 
1979    In. - Meraquas of Irvine: Pamela Fox, Linda Lewis, Lori Moore, Ginnylee McGilton, Linda Sliff, Gina Verrecchia, Robin Waller, Sara Woollett
            Out. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Laura Solomon, Kathy Dent, Jenny Lauck, Michelle Markey, Kristi Andreini, Angie Alkire, Ann Motekatis,
            Debbie Tippett
1980    In. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Mary Beldin, Carrie Bull, Terri Champ, Stacey Dahl, Lorri Harrell, Joy Gilbert, Julie Montgomery,
            Charlene Stahlke
            Out. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts Lisa Babb, Kathy Fehley, Becky Dewees, Janice Rubin, Angela Schaub, Jackie Sieh, Kim Stanley,
            Mary Visniski
1981    In. - Tonawanda Aquettes: Karey Buchanan, Lori Donn, Kathy McCall, Kim Rankin, Erin O'Shaughnessy, Krista Greiner, Cindy
Kim Buchanan
            Out. - Hamden Heronettes: Sarah Josephson, Valerie Ludee, Dawn Del Vecchio, Kathy Gillon, Cindy Gillon, Karen Gillon, Heidi Schmidt,
            Susan Reilly
1982    In. - Meraquas of Irvine: Kathy Augenstein, Lea Bean, Arlene Boda, Lori Dickie, Karen Madsen, Candy Murphy, Kim Van Gent, Betsy Visniski
            Out. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Kristen Babb, Kristen Burke, Christy Choate, Joan Friedman, Moneka Jhala, Mikako Kotani, Michelle
            Moon, Michelle Svitenko
1983    In. - Seattle Aqua Club: Angie Atkinson, Christy Foster, Katie Dent, Stephanie Ammirati, Susan Galloway, Kip Knappett, Kirsten Wagner,
            Ruth Weinberg
            Out. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Barbara Miller, Lisa Riddell, Lori Hatch, Laura Fowler, Robin Roberts, Trish Frese, Katie Dittman,
            Jennifer Lynn
1984    In. - University of Arizona: Connie Cope, Tammie Kay, Alice Smith, Margarita Smith, Eileen Daily, Susan Decker, Missy Ihrig
            Out. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Debi Brear, Tiffany Gee, Jessica Hudacek, Susan Hudspeth, Marla McGatlin, Nathalie Schneyder,
            Kelly Moore, Jackie Rush
1985    In. - Ohio State University: Penny Billingham, Cathy Cramer, Adrienne Lehman, Carol Korpi, Karen Miele, Anne Schulte, Holly Vargo,
            Kathy Zittel
            Out. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Ginny Cohn, Melinda Downey, Michelle Nance, Dawn Graybill, Shannon Green, Heather Simmons, Carey
            Shumway, Patti Lynn
1986    In. - University of Arizona: Casey O'Shaughnessy, Cheryl Madsen, Debbie Weber, Julie DeEsch, April Brennan, Karen Brinkman, Osena
            Violette, Kristin Fischer
            Out. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Nadine Bekker, Yvonne Bekker, Melissa Matosian, Tabby Camp, Stephanie Moon, Lori McCoy, Sara May,
            Jill Savery
1987    In. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Mandy Blake, Kathy Dillon, Becky Dyroen, Laurie Martin, Anna Miller, Jill Sudduth, Lisa Poggensee,
            Jennifer Sogawa
            Out. - Ohio State University: Kristin Eakin, Maria Guisti, Tanya Hybl, Denise Sawicki, Cheryl Wiegand, Debbie Wiegand
1988    In. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts Nicole Banks, Kim Cuffe, Debbie Downes, Dana Hunsinger, Tina Kasid, Margot Thien, Michelle Troy,
            Kristina Vorheis, Rachel Kozower
            Out. - Tonawanda Aquettes: Maureen Wortman, Traci Urbino, Kristy Donn, Kathy Szwejbka, Jennifer Bagley, Sue Springer,
            Anne Hammer, Kathy Manley
1989    In. - Ohio State University: Julie Jasontek, Tia Harding, Tammy Hunt, Terri Collins, Johanna Monko, Diana Ulrich, Cheryl Schemenauer,
            Amy Pryor
            Out. - Santa Clara Aquamaids: Khadija Cutcher, Natasha Haynes, Kari Kreitzer, Shala Lasrsen, Jenny Munoz, Keva Nelson,
            Monika Niessner, Jill Schlichting
1990    In. - Ohio State University: Jacinta Beckman, Jenny Dunn, Sue Ha, Kim Ochsner, Alison Prout, Jennie Sprague, Shea Tanabe,
            Sandra Valles
            Out. - Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Janine Bekker, Kristine Fripp, Stefana Lemings, Kaori Takahashi, Kendra Tomcik, Jennifer Vorheis
1991    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Tammy Cleland, Kristine Fripp, Tina Kasid, Laurie McClelland, Kristin Smith, Kaori Takahashi, Jennifer Vorheis
1992    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Sarah Andrews, Tammy Cleland, Laurie McCleland, Tina Kasid, Kristin Smith, Lesley Riddervold, Jennifer
            Vorheis, Dawn Wales
1993    Arizona Aquastars: Lisa Burton, Heidi Dunham, Julie Gibson, Stephanie Johnson, Sarah Mayfield, Lorette Nichols, Casey Taylor,
            Shannon Taylor
1994    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Lisa Cunanan, Season Flores, Christine Frankewich, Kristina Lum, Emily Nelson, Alanna O'Leary, Susan Polley,
            Kim Wurzel
1995    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Kristin Blockie, Kaia Butzman, Judy Chiang, Julie Enos, Brianne MacNaughton, Elicia Marshall, Stacey Scott,
            Ana Shon
1996    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Brynn Butzman, Katie Enos, Karen Green, Brianne MacNaughton, Lauren McFall, Bill May, Becky Martin,
            Ana Shon
1997    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Alison Bartosik, Erin Blockie, Tiffany Bye, Alyssa Jones, Marlena Marshall, Andrea Nott, Bora Suh, Kendra
1998    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Carrie Arnold, Tiffany Bye, Sarah Beddingfield, Cristina Martinez-Canton, Marsea Nelson, Bora Suh, Emiko
            Takyu, Kerstin Voeller
1999    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Erin Dobratz, Julie Drexler, Amanda Graff-Baker, Melissa Iagulli, Stephanie Joukoff, Sharon Mejia, Joanne
            Taylor, Mary Tschann
2000    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Alison Bartosik, Lidia Birukova, Teresa Liccardo, Sara Lowe, Kim McKinley, Emiko Takyu, Sepeedeh Nikbakht,
            Andrea Nott, Ashley Rule, 
Carolyn Steinwedel
2001    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Alison Bartosik, Lidia Birukova, Teresa Liccardo, Sara Lowe, Kim McKinley, Alicia Rice, Ashley Rule, Emiko Takyu
2002    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Suzanne Alborg, Kate Hooven, Becky Kim, Ashley McHugh, Annabelle Orme, Rachel Rife, Rebekah Rife,
            Lesley Wallace
2003    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Suzanne Alborg, Kate Hooven, Missy Knight, Becky Kim, Annabelle Orme, Rachel Rife, Rebekah Rife, Lesley
2004    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Poppy Carlig, Christina Jones, Hae-Rin Lee, Jessica McMahon. Bahareh Nikbakht, Lauren Oiye, Layla Smith,
            Carolyn Watts
2005    Riverside Aquettes: Brooke Abel, Barb Nesbitt, Caitlin Stewart, Meghan Kinney, Michelle Theriault, Meryl Grandia, Danielle DeCarlo,
            Jeanine McCullough, 
Alt Hannah Shively
2006    Riverside Aquettes: Brooke Abel, Debbie Chen, Danielle DeCarlo, Meghan Kinney, Jackie Mundy, Kari Pett, Michelle Theriault,
            Alison Williams, 
Alt Michelle Moore
2007    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Mary Killman, Heidi McMahon, Anna Nelson, Javaneh Nikbakht, Christine Park, Nadia Rais, Kenyon Sumith,
            Carolyn Watts
2008    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Alex Bollaidlaw, Maria Koroleva, Seyeon Mon, Olivia Morgan, Kellie Stump, Raena Sumiyoshi, Emily Burkhart,
            Alzbeta Dufkova
2009    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Isabell Conrad, Emily Dillon, Phoebe Jen, Wendy Lu, Javaneh Nikbakht, Margo Saargent, Rachel Teoh,
            Khadija Zanotto
2010    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Isabella Conrad, Ekaterina Frelikh, Phoebe Jen, Taylor Kitayama, Margo Sargent, Kathryn Spada, Evelyna
            Wang, Khadija Zanotto
2011    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Morgan Boneberg, Arlette Carrion, Alyson Haylor, Carolyn Morrice, Suying Rothrock, Kaitlin Staines, Marisa
Alexa Tchekmarev
2012    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Morgan Boneberg, Karina Boyle, Alyson Haylor, Sandra Ortellado, Suying Rothrock, Kaitlin Staines, Marisa
Alexa Tchekmarev, Carolyn Morrice
2013    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Claire Barton, Phoebe Coffin, Katie Gu, Isabel Malcolmson, Rebecca Moody, Sarah Rodriguez, Karensa Toja,
            Claire Wang, 
Celine Joo
2014    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Karina Boyle, Jasmine Carrillo, Dana Drury, Kyra Hoezertsx, Joanna Langner, Remy Mink, Catalina Nedelcu,
            Elisabeth Welzien, 
Lucy Bautista
2015    Walnut Creek Aquanuts: Gillian Brazzil, Dana Drury, Kyra Hoevertsz, Joanna Langner, Remy Mink, Catalina Nedelcu, Daria Torba,
            Elizabeth Wiita, 
Alt Natalie Fletcher
2016    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Emily Anger, Camryn Carrasco, Nicole Dzurko, Rachel Lau, Karen Li, Jacklyn Luu, Natalia Vega, Rachel Ye,
            Alts Emily Lu and Victoria Woroniecki
2017    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Emily Anger, Camryn Carrasco, Nicole Dzurko, Hailee Heinrich, Jacklyn Luu, Sabrina Walsh, Rachel Ye,
            Alts Emily Lu and Audrey Nguyen
2018    Santa Clara Aquamaids: Camryn Carrasco, Kate Chow, Nicole Dzurko, Hailee Heinrich, Kaitlyn Hoang, Audrey Nguyen, Olivia Schafer,
            Alexandra Suarez


1983    In. - Candy Costie/Tracie Ruiz/Holly Spencer, Seattle Aqua Club
            Out. - Mary Beldin/Carrie Bull/Terri Champ, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1984    In. - Tammy Kay/Alice Smith/Margarita Smith Univ. Arizona
            Out. - Dee Cohen/Lori Dickie/Karen Madsen, Meraquas Irvine
1985    In. - Manon Cote/Karen Josephson/Sarah Josephson, Ohio State
            Out. - Adrienne Lehman/Karen Miele/Betsy Visniski, Ohio State
1986    In. - Jennifer Lynn/Robin Roberts/Stephanie Ammirati, Santa Clara

            Out. - Tracy Fearnow/Christy Foster/Ruth Weinberg, Santa Clara

1987    In. - Melinda Downey/Jill Sudduth/Lisa Poggensee, Santa Clara

            Out. - Kristin Eakin/Cheryl Wiegand/Denise Sawicki, Ohio State
1988    In. - Nadine Bekker/Lori McCoy/Jill Savery, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
            Out. - Dana Hunsinger/Margot Thien/Kristina Vorheis, Walnut Creek

1989    In. - Cathy Cramer/Tammy Hunt/Jessica Hudacek, Ohio State
            Out. - Mandy Blake/Khadija Cutche/Jenny Munoz, Santa Clara

1990    In. - Jenny Dunn/Kim Ochsner/Alison Prout, Cincinnati

            Out. - Annamarie Alm/Shala Larsen/Monika Niessner, Santa Clara

1991    Kristine Fripp/Tammy Cleland/Tina Kasid, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1992    Sarah Andrews/Tina Kasid/Dawn Wales, Walnut Creek Aquanuts
1993    Rachel Kozower/Jodi Wiegand/Shannon Cerveny, Buffalo Swimkins    

1994    Amy McDaniel/Amber McDaniel/Vanessa Shaw, Sweetwater

    Christina McClelland/Lisa Velez/Lindsey Wigginton, Sweetwater

1996    Stacey Park/Ana Shon/Kendra Zanatto, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1997    Alyssa Jones/Andrea Nott/Bora Suh, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1998    Tiffany Bye/Lauren McFall/Bora Suh, Santa Clara Aquamaids
1999    Carrie Arnold/Kim McKinley/Tiffany Mockler, Santa Clara

2000    Kim McKinley/Sepeedeh Nikbakht/Ashley Rule, Santa Clara

2001    Becky Kim/Ashley McHugh/Lauren Rettberg, Walnut Creek

2002    Elizabeth-Anne Markman/Courtenay Stewart/Cassidy Ramage,
            Riverside Aquettes

2003    Brooke Abel, Meryl Grandia, Caitlin Stewart, Riverside Aquettes
2004    Poppy Carlig, Layla Smith, Carolyn Watts, Santa Clara Aquamaids
2005    Brooke Abel, Barb Nesbitt, Caitlin Stewart, Riverside Aquettes
2006    Maria Koroleva,Diana LaScala-Gruenewald, Deborah Shim,
            Walnut Creek Aquanuts

2007    Mary Killman, Nadia Rais, Alison Williams, Santa Clara

2008    Maria Koroleva, Seyeon Min, Emily Burkhart, Walnut Creek

2009    Emily Burkhart, Alison Haylor, Kellie Stump Walnut Creek