Britain Bound: Soni Day 3

Sept. 17, 2011, 11:08 p.m. (ET)

Adventure sports in Wales are not for the faint of heart. Olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni proved her fearlessness and her water savvy on her third day of Team USA: Britain Bound while taking in the sights and pursuits along the Welsh coast.

She woke up before the sun to get in a swim workout at the Cardiff International Pool, a stunning all-glass structure with views of Cardiff Bay, where she met up with her friend Tom Haffield of the British Olympic Team. After getting in her training, she said goodbye to Cardiff and enjoyed a scenic ride through the countryside to St. David’s in Pembrokeshire.

Soni enjoyed some cowl at the local pub, gearing up to take on the Welsh-invited sport of coasteering. A combination of adventure swimming, cliff diving, body surfing and cliff scrambling, this Olympic swimmer felt right at home among the waves, with swells of 10 feet that would quickly disorient anyone trying to climb back onto a ledge or outcropping. After a few hours in the water and on the cliffs, she hiked back to town along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. She ended the day with a relaxing dinner in Saundersfoot, topping off her meal with the favorite British treat of sticky toffee pudding. In her own words:

I was surprised by: the fact that the coast of Wales is home to so many water sports, including surfing and kite surfing, kayaking, coastering and boating

My coach would have been proud of me when: I woke up early in order to get in a workout at the Cardiff International Pool

I knew I wasn't in the U.S. when: we were given free reign to scale and jump off cliffs while coasteering in St. David’s, despite the exciting dangers

While driving through the Welsh countryside, I could imagine: fulfilling my childhood ambition – being a farmer’s wife! (Whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, that was my always first answer)

Today's funny moment: learning about some Welsh sayings, like “I’ll be there now in a minute”

Three words to describe St. David's: quaint, stunning, outdoorsy

As I jumped off the highest cliff (22 feet) while coasteering, I was thinking: I wish I could go even higher!

Today's most "Welsh" moment: grabbing lunch at a very traditional pub in St. David’s

Prettiest sight of the day: standing over the cliffs on the seaside of Wales

If I were to pick a movie title for my day, it would be: “Wild Tales from Wales”