Britain Bound: Soni Day 1

Sept. 15, 2011, 5:32 p.m. (ET)

I arrived in London today ready to dive into Team USA: Britain Bound. After checking into my hotel, I was off for some training at the Lido Fields London, a beautiful outdoor pool facility where U.S. Paralympians will train during the Games.

After the workout, I took a taxi tour of London Olympic sites, including a great view of the Olympic Stadium. Up next was a welcome reception at the University of East London, another facility providing facilities for Team USA during the Games, from dorms and cafeterias to gyms and playing fields. Later, I spoke with students and faculty about my own Olympic journey and adventures ahead with Team USA: Britain Bound.

  • My first impression of London is: what a beautiful city! I got a whirlwind tour of the sites, and I wish I could have seen more. London is such a welcoming city!
  • My favorite thing about today was: I saw the Olympic Stadium during our taxi tour and it looks great. I am so inspired to work hard to be here next year!
  • Three words to describe the locals: lively, welcoming, friendly.
  • I knew I wasn't in the U.S. when: there were red phone boxes on the street corner.
  • I laughed out loud when: I was talking to the kids from the local swim team at UEL. They were just like swimmers at home and so great.
  • Tomorrow, I'm most looking forward to: exploring Wales! Seeing the countryside.
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