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March 2021 Plays and Clarifications

March 11, 2021, 9:31 p.m. (ET)

March Plays and Clarifications


National Umpire Schools:

We have successfully held five National Umpire Schools in 2021 with one left to hold in Nebraska. Also, as a reminder the Maine School scheduled for March 19th – 21st has been cancelled. Attending the first five schools were 407 of our umpires with an average of 81.4 umpires per school. All the Associations holding these schools should be congratulated for their hard work in holding schools either virtually, ½ virtual and ½ in person and totally in person.

2021 Fast Pitch Camp:

Reminder to all Local Associations, we have a Fast Pitch Camp scheduled for October 7 through October 10th in Lufkin Texas. The coordinator is Michal Germany and can be reached by email at or Phone number 936 – 671 - 2288. The instructors will be Dave Chandler, Jim Craig, Geri Magwire, Steve Nelson, Bryan Smith and Randy Sprouse. Reach out to the coordinator and sign up now, attendance is limited to 60 umpires.

Umpire Manual

We found an error in the umpire manual under the three person mechanics’ section. We pulled the umpire manual down off the web to get it corrected. The errors were in the movement of U1 and U3 when U1 was counterrotated in the Three Umpire System. As we have mentioned many times the positives of the on-line manual is that we have the ability to correct it, since the manual is electronic. We have corrected it and reposted the updated manual. You can see on the website it shows Updated 2/23/2021. If you printed the manual prior to this, please discard and reprint it or you can reprint the Three Umpire System section starting on page 102.

ALL American Games

The All-American Games Committee have agreed this year to pay travel for all umpires selected to go to the games. The recommendations from the regions are in and we will be sending out the umpire list this month. This is a great event and an opportunity to showcase not only the best 12U players but also our umpire program. The dates are 8/12/2021 to 8/15/2021. If you have interest in umpiring the games in the future reach out to your UIC or RUIC and let them know.

National Championships

As we move forward from the effects of the COVID pandemic the outlook appears better every day that we will be able to hold more of our National Championships this year. If you are possibly going to a National Championship now is the time to get ready. Doing so will not be easy but we would not be umpires if we wanted everything to be easy.  Find ways to get back in shape, ways to call some ball to get the rust off and study the umpire manual and rule book.

As a reminder we will not have a new rule book for 2021. We had no new rules, so your 2020 rule book is still good for 2021. Get back into studying the rules so you will be ready. Remember a lot of players and coaches did not have the chance to play either so they will also be rusty on the rules . We must be the leaders and be prepared.

As a reminder, to work to any National Championship, you must be USA Softball registered, have completed and passed a background check and be Safe Sport Compliant. Check with your UIC and/or RUIC if you have any questions on how to achieve these requirements. 

Umpire Exam

We have a new exam for 2021. It is a combination of questions from past exams made up of questions umpires missed the most. After you register get the code from your UIC so you can take the exam. It will help you with the tough rules and situations.


We do not have any plays for this month’s edition. With the lack of play we have not had any turned in. This is where you can get answers and a reminder of what the correct call is on tough plays. Send in your plays with your questions and we will answer them and then post them on the web. Send them directly to me at or to your RUIC or Deputy Director. 


Available for download:

March Plays and Clarifications (PDF)

March Plays and Clarifications (Word)