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September Plays and Clarifications

Sept. 09, 2016, 2 p.m. (ET)

September Plays and Clarifications

Comments from the Director of Umpires:

As we come down the stretch with only a few National Championships left we will now turn our attention to the 2017 Softball Season. With the ASA/USA Softball Council meeting right around the corner we will soon be making the changes required to be USA Softball. This starts a new chapter in ASA history in doing business with a new name. We will always be the Amateur Softball Association, just doing business as USA Softball. With the new name change come several questions, a new logo, new umpire uniforms, leisure wear, change in regions, and the Code and Procedural Manual changes this requires. Over the next couple of months we will address these items one or two at a time. In doing so we hope it will better help you understand all the changes happening in this great organization and our game of softball.  


Starting in 2017 we will go from 15 regions to 10 regions. This year at the ASA/USA Softball Council meeting each new region will vote on their new leadership team that will help lead that region going forward. What does this mean to the umpire program? It means we will go from 15 Regional Umpires-in-Chief to 10 with each region appointing a new Regional Umpire-in-Chief. This means we could have 10 new Regional Umpires-in-Chief or a few new ones but for sure we will lose a few current Regional Umpires-in-Chief. I would like to thank those who are retiring, Dave Epperson from Region 12 and Bill Silves from Region 15 along with anyone who does not get reappointed for their service to their previous region and their service on the National Umpire Staff.  I am sure those that are not reappointed will stay involved in our great program.

For those who are appointed to the new positions, I am sure they will reach out to all Umpires-in-Chief in their new region and work together to make the USA Softball kick-off a smooth transition.  Once these appointments are complete we, as a National Umpire Staff, will also begin the work of making USA Softball an even better company than ASA/USA Softball already is. 

New Umpire Uniform

With the change to USA Softball comes a new umpire uniform. Let’s talk about what we know. The new umpire uniform will not be required for another 2-3 years. The Properties Committee is working hard to finalize what the new uniform will look like. From what I have seen I think you will be as excited as I am with the new umpire shirts once the final design and colors are complete. The new hats, shirts, jackets and ball bags will all carry the new logo, USA Softball, on them. We also know all ASA uniform items will no longer be available after January 2017; they will have been sold out, donated or scrapped. Once we have finalized the new shirt designs and colors we will let all of our umpires know.  The pants will remain the same. The caps will have a new manufacturer, Richardson Cap. It will have the new USA Softball logo on the cap like we have today. 

2017 National Umpire Schools

The 2017 National Umpire School Committee, consisting of Chairman Jim Craig, along with Chris Drumm, Greg Pohl, Jimmy Derrick, Kayleen Dunson, Dave Chandler and Jim Sanderson, has been working tirelessly to put together a new and revived umpire school for all of our umpires. We believe they have come up with an agenda that fits the bill as new, exciting and full of knowledge. We will introduce the new school at five locations in 2017. The schools for 2017 are:






Dec 9-11, 2016

Dallas, TX

Region 5

Steve McCown

Jan 20-22, 2017

Lexington, SC

Region 3

Tommy Borucki

Feb 10-12, 2017

Roseville, CA

Region 10

Chuck Brabec

Feb 24-26, 2017

Benton, AR

Region 4

Mike Adams 

Mar 31-Apr 2, 2017

Derry, NH

Region 1

Will Martin

2017 Biennial UIC Clinic

The time is here for the Biennial UIC Clinic. The Clinic Committee consisting of Chairman Jim Craig, along with Malcolm Boyles, Chris Drumm, Richard Crocker, Jim Ballengee and Steve Nelson have come up with an exciting agenda. The dates are Thursday February 2nd through Sunday February 5th, with the 5th being a travel day. The clinic starts Thursday evening around 5 PM and ends Saturday night after our awards banquet. The sessions will be Preparing your umpires for success … the entire process, Game Management, Obstruction and Interference … Teaching to Understand, Blueprint for the future Recruiting and training Youth Umpires, The State of Umpiring in our game, and Philosophies and Clarifications of USA Softball mechanics. The groups presenting these subjects promise that they will be well worth attending.  Again this year we will have a lot of new and exciting faces as the presenters and it is assured each subject will get its point across.

Also this year we will have a session on the importance of training your umpires. This year we will have the leaders of three Softball Codes to discuss why it is important to train your umpires. We will have NCAA, Donna Vavrinec, NFHS Sandy Searcy and USA Softball Kevin Ryan. Each will bring a different perspective on why training your umpires is extremely important.  It proves to be an exciting session for all those who attend the clinic.  

Registration will be online this year and the target date for starting registration is September 15th. We will keep you posted when the online process is available for your registrations. Bottom line it proves to be an exciting time to learn, to participate, award those who have earned recognition and have some fun renewing old acquaintances.  Get your rooms now as they will not last long. 

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