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August 2018 Rule Plays and Clarifications

Aug. 08, 2018, 11:30 a.m. (ET)

August 2018 Plays and Clarifications

Play:  During the bottom of the 2nd inning, F1 winces in pain after a pitch.  The coach requests and is granted time.  After a short discussion it is determined that F1 cannot continue due to the injury and is replaced by a legal Substitute.  The Plate Umpire allows five (5) warm up pitches. What's the ruling?

Ruling: The umpire should delay the start of play and allow the pitcher the number of pitches it takes for them to properly warm-up. Rule 6A & 6B, Section 9 Effect and Rule 6C & 6D, Section 8 Effect.

Play:  R1 on 2B and R2 on 1B and both attempt to steal on the pitch to B3.  The pitch is called a strike and F2 throws to 3B from the set position.  B3 a) does not move and is watching R2 steal 2B b) moves to get out of the way of the thrown ball.  In both a) and b) the ball hits B3 on the side of the helmet and rolls into the dugout for a dead ball. What is the ruling?

Ruling: In both a) and b) the umpire must judge if B3 actively hindered F2 from making a play. Just being hit by the thrown ball does not constitute interference. If the umpire judges that B3 actively hindered F3 then we have a dead ball and interference, B3 is out and all runners return to the last base touched at the time of the interference.  Rule 7, Section 6S Effect.

If the umpire does not judge B3 actively hindered once the ball goes into dead ball territory the umpire should declare “dead ball” and both R1 and R2 would be awarded 2 bases from  the time of the throw. Rule 8, Section 5G Effect. 

Play:  (Fast Pitch) With less than two outs and 1B is unoccupied. B2 swings and misses strike three. F2 misses the ball and it bounds off the catcher and under the feet of B2 on their way to 1B. B2 unintentionally kicks the ball when out of the batter's box. What is the call? 


Ruling: If the umpire judged that the kicking of the ball by B2 impeded, hindered or confused F2 or F3 making a play we have interference with a dropped third strike.  The ball is dead and B2 is out.  Rule 8, Section 2, Article F [6]. 


Play: In the second inning scheduled to bat are B8 followed by B9 and B10. Instead of B8, B9 leads off and hits a single. B8 now bats and hits a triple scoring B9 from 1B. B10 now bats and has a no ball, one strike count when the defense appeals batting out of order. What is the ruling?  


Ruling: When B9 batted instead of B8 they batted out of order. When B8 completed their time at bat and not appealed the batting order changed to B8 becoming the correct batter. When B10 batted and was discovered after a pitch the umpire would bring back B9 and they would bat again assuming the 0 balls and 1 strike count.  Rule 7, Section 2D [1-3]


Play: In the bottom of the 3rd inning, a player runs out of the dugout to the pitcher’s position and a) Fast Pitch throws 5 warm up pitches, or b) in Slow Pitch throws 3 warm up pitches.  They return to the dugout and the STARTING PITCHER then comes out and without taking any warmup pitches, starts the bottom half of the inning. Is this legal? 


Ruling: Yes this is legal. Our rules allow five warm up pitches in Fast Pitch and three in Slow Pitch. The rules do not require they have to be thrown by the pitcher of record. We allow a player not in the game to warm up the pitcher why would we not allow the reverse. Rule 6A, Section 9 & Rule 6C, Section 8.


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