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April Rule Plays and Clarifications

April 04, 2018, 3:31 p.m. (ET)

April 2018 Plays and Clarifications

Comments from the Director of Umpires

As the National Championship season approaches, I know many of us have already begun to work on our game and our physical fitness. As spring comes and summer heats up, taking care of your body is the most important thing we can do to prepare for the upcoming season. It is imperative that you begin the process of building your endurance, as well as your ability to adapt to heat and humidity, and begin the long process of hydrating your body. No matter how good we think we feel, the hydration and fitness process is extremely important to our health and our ability to give the teams the best effort we have. 

Get in shape, drink lots of fluid and be ready to go. The teams deserve it, your partners deserve it and your health deserves it.  

2019 BiennialUIC Clinic

Jim Craig and the Biennial UIC Clinic Committee are working hard putting together the breakout sessions, the agenda and the venue to make sure the 2019 Biennial UIC Clinic is a great success as it has been in past years. The breakout sessions have been set and the presenters are being finalized. It appears it will be as exciting as those in the past so begin making your plans to attend. 

In 2019 the new venue is the Downtown Sheraton and is large enough to hold everyone who wants to attend. The ability to make reservations is open already. Go on line to then umpire page and click on the information or click on the link:

We are also finalizing the application and hope to have it available for online registration later this month. Once it is available we will let the masses know. Make plans to attend the 2019 Biennial UIC Clinic January 31– February 2with travel on February 3. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Plays and Clarifications

Play: Team A in Junior Olympic Pool Play has decided to bat all 17 of their roster players.  F7, who is batting in the 5thspot in the 4thinning, leaves the game for a legal substitute. In the 5thinning in a) F7 comes back in the game without being announced to the plate umpire. In b) are announced to the plate umpire and while at bat is ejected for arguing balls and strikes. What are the correct rulings?

Ruling: In situation (a) the player would be disqualified and their time at bat will be recorded as an out every time they come up. The team is allowed to play shorthanded since F7 was disqualified. In situation (b) since the player was ejected by rule the game would be a forfeit even though they have 16 players left. Teams cannot play shorthanded due to an ejection. Rule 4, Section 5 and Rule 4, Section 1D [2A]

Play: R1 on3B and R2 on 1B with one out. B4 hits a sacrifice fly to F8 for the second out. R1 on 3B, legally tags up and scores. R2 on 1B leaves the base early and is doubled up for the third out of the inning BUT R1 who was on 3B scored prior to the third out being made. Should the run count?

Ruling: Since R1 scored prior to R2 being called out it becomes a timing play and the run would count. Rule 5, Section 5B 1 & 2, Rule 1, Definitions, Force Out

Play: R1 on 3B, R2 on 2B and R3 on 1B and 1 out B6 hits a ground ball to the F6 who throws F2 to try and force out the R1 at HP.  F2 pulls her foot off the plate early in the attempt to try and turn a double play and the R1 is ruled safe.  F2 then throws to F3 trying to retire the B6 at 1B.  B6 is hit with the ball in the left shoulder while running in fair territory outside the three foot lane.  The umpire rules Interference on B6 and calls them out.  Does R1 run count score?  Where are the runners placed after interference is ruled and a dead ball declared? 

Ruling:  B6 is called out for interference and the runners are returned to the last base touched at the time of the interference. Since there were less than two outs and R1 scored prior to the interference, HP was last base touched at the time of the interference, R1s run would count.  Rule 8, Section 7E and Rule 8, Section 7F3, Note   

Obstruction / Interference:

Attached are three links to videos discussing the topic of obstruction called You Make the Call.

Click here: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3


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