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October 2018 Rule Plays and Clarifications

By Kevin Ryan ( | Oct. 04, 2018, 5:10 p.m. (ET)

October 2018 Plays and Clarifications

Play: (Slow Pitch)R1 on 2B and R2 on 1B with two outs and B5 up to bat. The offense puts B6 as a courtesy runner on 2B to run for R1. When the defense sees this, F1 tells the umpire they want to walk B5 to bring B6 up to bat. What is the ruling?

Ruling: When F1 decided to walk F5 and bring up B6 it created the situation that the next batter is the courtesy runner on 2B. By rule the runner who was being run for is called out and B6 would come up to bat. The original runner would be the third out B6 would be the first batter in the next inning. Rule 8, Section 9C2 Effect


Play: R1 on 2B and one out. B3 hits a hard ground ball toward 2B. F6 was playing up the middle and before F6 is able to field the ball R1 is hit by the batted ball while in contact with the base. There was no intent by R1 to be hit by the ball and the umpire rules interference since they judged F6 had an opportunity to make a play. 

Ruling: In this case the runner would not be out for interference since they did not intentionally interfere and they were in contact with the base at the time they were hit by the batted ball. Rule 8, Section 8M


Play: R1 on 2B and R2 on 1B and B3 hits a ball in the gap between F8 and F9. F8 retrieves the ball and throws the ball to 3B to try and retire R2. F5 muffs the ball and it goes into foul ground in the left field area and roles to a stop. F7 while backing up the play gains possession of the ball up and fumbles it out of play. B3 had stopped at 2B but was between 1B and 2B at the time of the throw. What is the award to B3?

Ruling: B3 should be awarded one base from the time the ball goes out of play. Rule 8 Section 5G Effect Exception 1


Play: R1 on 3B, R2 on 1B with 1 out. B4 hits a ground ball to F6. F6 fields the ball and throws to F4 who steps on 2B to retire R2 for an out. F4 immediately turns and throws the ball to F3. In a) the thrown ball strikes R2 who is 3 steps from 2B but in the base line; in b) R2 is contacted by the thrown ball 3 steps off of 1B while in the base line and in c) the retired runner, R2, veered out of the base line towards right field and was hit with the thrown ball. What would be the rulings?

Ruling: This is a play you would need to see in all three circumstances. Just because a runner is hit with a thrown ball while the defense is turning a double play does not constitute interference. You must always refer to the definition of interference and consider, did the retired runner do something to impede, hinder or confuse the defense from making a play. You cannot take a play and say what interference is always and what is not. Always keep this in mind when looking at interference. Without seeing the play and based on the description of the play I would say the following:

A. I do not find any impedance, hindering or confusion in the description of this play.

B. Based on description on the play the runner stayed in the base line to impeded the 

     throw and we have interference. Again have to see the play to say for sure

C. I do not find any impedance, hindering or confusion in the description of this play.

Rule 1 Interference.



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