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June 2021 Plays and Clarifications

June 16, 2021, 11:21 a.m. (ET)


June Plays and Clarifications

From the Director: 

With many of the pandemic restrictions being lifted, most areas are almost back to "normal" compared to the 2020 season. It's time for us to get back to softball. We are starting off our softball season with one of our best Invitational Championships, the Junior Olympic (JO) Cup. It begins in just a week and as usual our USA Softball umpires are ready to go. This will be followed a month later by our Junior Olympic National Championships and GOLD Nationals. I know all of you who are working these Championships are preparing yourselves to be on the field in summer conditions. Make a point to get on the field and shake off the dust from a shortened 2020 season. Be ready to walk on the field like we did not miss a beat. Good luck with your season

Fast Pitch Camp: 

Reminder to all Local Associations, we have a Fast Pitch Camp scheduled for October 7 through October 10th in Lufkin Texas. The coordinator is Michal Germany and can be reached by email at or Phone number 936 – 671 - 2288. The instructors will be Dave Chandler, Jim Craig, Geri Magwire, Steve Nelson, Bryan Smith and Randy Sprouse. Reach out to the coordinator and sign up now, attendance is limited to 60 umpires. 


Play: R1 on 1B with one out. B3 hits a long fly ball that R1 does not think will be caught. R1 is between 2B and 3B when the ball is caught. While R1 is between 2B and 3B F8 throws the ball to 1B to appeal R1 leaving early. The ball is wide and while R1 is on their way back to tag up the ball goes out of play. What base or bases is R1 awarded?

Ruling: Since R1 was between 2B and 3B when the ball was released by F8 R1 should be awarded Home Plate. Rule 8, Section 5G Effect

Play: R1 on 2B and B2 at bat with a 3 Ball 2 Strike count, the next pitch is swung at and missed. It hits the catcher’s glove, goes in the glove and the glove falls off and lands on the ground with the ball in the glove. The Umpire rules the pitch a strike that the catcher caught for strike three and the batter is out. 

Ruling: This should have been ruled a dropped third strike because the catcher did not legally catch the ball. The ball would be live, and the batter should have been able to advance to 1B with liability to be put out. Rule 1 Catch No Catch and Rule 8, Section 1B

Play: R1 on 1B with no outs. B2 hits a gapper to right-center. R1 rounds 2nd and is obstructed between 2nd and 3rd while attempting to advance to 3rd. Umpire signals the delayed dead ball to signal the obstruction. The throw from the outfield comes to F5 at 3rd and R1 is tagged out. Umpire calls time. Umpire judges that R1 would not have reached 3B even if there was no obstruction. B4 is standing on 2nd with a double.  Where do you place the runners?

Ruling: The award of the base you would have reached is based on the obstructed runner. If the umpire thought the obstructed runner would have reached 3B then B4 would have stayed at 2B. However, in this case since the umpire have ruled that R1, the obstructed runner, would have only gotten 2B then award R1 2B and place B4 back on 1B. Rule 8, Section 5B. A second rule that supports starting with the lead runner is Rule 8, Section 5G where the award is based on the lead runner. 


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