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November 2021 Plays and Clarifications

Nov. 10, 2021, 11:56 a.m. (ET)


November Plays and Clarifications

From the Director: 

We have just concluded our 2021 USA Softball Annual Council Meeting, held this year in the Softball Capital of the World®, Oklahoma City, Okla. There are a few new rules that the council voted to approve coming down the pike so stay tuned for more details. The council also approved new code proposals for the betterment of USA Softball. We elected a new President Elect and the Regions and Territories did their work. I mention all this because it was our first council meeting in person since 2019. It was great to have a lot of the council members in person doing work for the betterment of USA Softball.


We worked on a new 2022 umpire exam, umpire rule book, Slow Pitch vs Fast Pitch rule differences, and the NCAA, NFHS and USA Softball rule difference. Those documents will be coming out soon and will be posted on the USA Softball Website. 


Overall, it was a great way to end the year and start preparing for the new year. It was apparent that USA Softball is back from the COVID hangover and expecting and hoping 2022 will be even a better year. 


2022 National Umpire Schools

National Umpire Schools are set and posted on the website. The schools will continue to adapt to the needs of the host association along with covering the rules and mechanics that affects all of us nationally. Please go to and click on the umpire tab to see the dates and locations for all the schools. Find a school and attend some of the best training you can receive. 


2023 UIC Clinic

The 2023 UIC Clinic is progressing and will be held in person in Oklahoma City, Okla., February 2-5. The hotel will be the same Sheraton downtown we used in 2019. We are working on securing the new convention center as the site for our meeting and our banquet. Steve Nelson has taken over for Jimmy Craig as the chairman of the UIC Clinic Committee since Jimmy is retiring at the end of this year. I am sure Steve will lean on Jimmy for help and advice as Jimmy is not going away. In preparation for 2023 Steve has a committee formed for the scheduling and programming of the clinic. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the 2023 UIC Clinic reach out to Steve at:


2022 Umpire Manual

Randy Sprouse has taken over for Chris Drumm as the keeper of the Umpire Manual since Chris is now the Commissioner of Southern California. Randy and the committee are making a few small updates, but nothing major this year. However, as we always ask, if you see anything that is incorrect and needs to be corrected reach out to Randy ( and let him know. I am sure he will get it in the manual as we want it to be the best manual it can be. 


Available for download:

November Plays and Clarifications (PDF)

November Plays and Clarifications (Word)