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September 2021 Plays and Clarifications

Sept. 20, 2021, 5:18 p.m. (ET)


September Plays and Clarifications


From the Director: 

The majority of our Slow Pitch Championships have been completed with the exception of one coming up the first weekend in October. We also have one Fast Pitch Championship left, again the first weekend in October. So, I want to take the opportunity to thank all the umpires that called at a Fast Pitch or Slow Pitch National Championship and those who will call one in a couple of weeks. In looking at the reports this year we can say we have had a successful Championship season from the umpire program point of view. 

We lost several Championships this year, probably from COVID hangover, but those held had a good number of teams and a better-than-expected number of umpires. I have been reviewing this year’s umpire evaluations and in a lot of cases the evaluations have some great information that if put into practice, our umpires will get better. We still have some work to do in the area of the information in the Umpire Evaluations, and we will continue to work with the National Championship UICs on what information we are looking for from our UICs. 

It is now time for us to review the umpire evaluations and check to see where we need to concentrate our training. We will and/or have read all evaluations and will make a list of what or where we need the most work. So again, thanks for your hard work and passion that keeps the USA Softball program the best in the world. 

Fast Pitch Camp:

The Fast Pitch Camp scheduled for October 7 through October 10 in Lufkin Texas has been canceled due to a myriad of issues. Next year’s camp will be held in Georgia. More details will be available in the next few weeks. 

2022 National Umpire Schools 

We are gathering the information for 2022 National Umpire Schools. It appears we will have six National Umpire Schools around the country. We will also have them announced and posted within the next month. This should give you plenty of time to plan on attending one of them in your Association and/or one close by. 

Play: R1 on 1B and one out. B3 gets a base hit in the gap between F7 and F8. R1 rounds 2B and is obstructed between 2B and 3B. After getting about halfway to 3B R1 stops and returns to 2B and is tagged and the umpire calls dead ball. Where do we place the runners?

Ruling: Since R1 was tagged out between the bases they were obstructed the umpire now must determined what base they would have reached had there been no obstruction. If the umpires feel they would have reached 3B then award the runner 3B regardless of what direction, they were going. The question then comes up is what to do with B3. If the umpire feels they would have reached 2B if the umpire had not called dead ball, you could award B3 2B. Our rule is clear, we award the obstructed runner and all other runners the base they would have reached had there not been obstruction.  Rule 8, Section 5B [1-4]


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