Shannon has been a USA Softball umpire for the past 11 years within the USA Softball of St. Louis association.  Shannon has attended two National Umpire Schools and plans to attend this year’s Advanced Fast Pitch Camp.  Having umpired a combined total of nine Territorial and USA Softball National Championships, Shannon has also been an assistant umpire coordinator at a Territorial Championship.  

Shannon has worked diligently to improve her personal umpiring.  In addition to attending Clinics and National Umpire Schools, Shannon has worked with a mentor to solidify her game.  She works on an aspect of her game each time she’s out umpiring and she has spent more time in the USA Softball Rulebook and Umpire Manual to become better.  She has also reduced the number of games she umpires in order to put forth her best effort for every game.  

Above and beyond her umpiring role, Shannon has been the USA Softball of St. Louis technology expert for the past few years.  She takes initiative to keep the website up to date, post current events on our social networks, and helps the entire staff prepare for clinic and meetings.  In addition, she attended the 2016 USA Softball JO Commissioners meeting in order to keep the association going in the right direction concerning social media.  Moreover, Shannon has taken the role as the umpire’s merchandise coordinator and created an online store to make getting USA Softball gear easier. 

Outside of umpiring, Shannon is a Middle School librarian.  She’s great with children and spends a lot of time molding the minds of our future.  She holds after school activities and provides opportunities for young people to better themselves.  She also is very generous with her time, offering to help others whenever possible.  Although Shannon has had several highlights, we believe her most outstanding accomplishment is yet to come!  Shannon has helped the USA Softball of St. Louis association in many ways, and will continue to do so as they move forward.