Teams earn a berth to the GOLD National Championship through a network of Regional qualifying tournaments and through allocated berths as defined in the USA Softball Code Article 314, 16-Under GOLD National Championship berths are allocated as follows:

Returning Teams (Previous year's GOLD Champion and Runner-up) - 2
*Returning teams must enter the Championship prior to February 1

Regional Berths (two per region) - 20

National Office Berths - 8

Additional Berths - 18

Maximum Possible Number of Teams per division: 48

01. Additional berths will be awarded by the National Office to the Regions with the highest percentage of participation in the previous 2-3 years.


02. The National Office has the right to award their eight ( 8 ) berths to any team registered with USA Softball. These berths can be awarded to the teams who did not participate in a qualifier.


03. Unused berths will be returned to the National Office for immediate distribution to the current year’s tournaments with the largest number of Gold teams participating.


04. Berths from Gold Qualifying Tournaments must be awarded no later than the weekend which includes the third Saturday in June. Extension of the deadline must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer.