So You Want to Play in Plano for the Gold Nationals?

Plano, Texas wants to invite you to let us help to solve your most basic issue of where to stay. If you’re planning on attending the GOLD Nationals, let us set up a personalized and branded room block for your team and make your hotel booking process easy and organized! See an example of what your team’s reservation site would look like below.

We ask you to stay in Plano hotels because our parks and rec department is directly supported by the Hotel Occupancy Tax. We guarantee that our GOLD hotels are

  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Team-Friendly
  • Loaded with double rooms
  • Offering laundry facilities
  • Providing free breakfast

Like last year, there will be a hotel website with a broad range of hotel brands and room rates. These are the very best rates we can get for large groups; there are no extra fees or commissions because we believe tournaments should charge a registration fee that pays for itself and should not burden traveling teams with an unfair share of tournament costs.

We hope you will consider this website your welcome mat to the GOLD Nationals and to our city. Here, you will also be able to find the GOLD landing page when it’s up and running in the next couple of months.

Whether you have already qualified or not, call the tournament’s housing coordinators at 972-941-5866 today to assist you with setting up a block. Hotels are not yet available, but by setting up a block now you will receive first choice once they have been contracted. To visit the website where Gold properties will be listed come January, click the link below.

For more area information, visit and to see a map of the tournament fields go to