August 6, 2008
I am finally here!! I cant believe how amazing this whole experience has been... and it is only day 2!!! the plane ride over was a little long, but it was not as bad as I expected ;) I sat next to this man who was going to china to do video for the games... I didnt talk too much with him tho because I was too busy trying to sleep a little ;) Luckily for me, there was an open seat in between us, so I got to stretch out a little :) the girls were so jealous :) they always get mad when the little ones get extra room :) o well... I just say its good karma :) hehe...
Our rooms at the olympic village are absolutly amazing!! :) Before I left my family and friends threw me a bon voyage dinner and gave me tons of posters and cards to wish me luck... so I made sure to bring them with me to put them up in my room... My room is by far one of the most decorated and 'homey' rooms if I say so myself ;) it gives me a comfortable feeling..... and reminds me that there are people at home who love me and that are proud of me :) It is my inspiration and motivation to win!!
It is so crazy to see so many different athletes from so many different countries! and they all come in so many different shapes and sizes! :) Tonight I talked with a weight lifter... She was amazing!! it is so great to meet other USA athletes and learn about their sports and hear their stories.... and just ask questions about their experiences :)
Its only been two days but they have been the best two days ever!! I cant wait for tomorrow :)
#19 Vicky Galindo