August 4, 2004

Today was a pretty long day. We keep thinking we’ll have so much down time just in the village, but it hasn’t happened yet. We practiced in the morning which was fun because it was a semi-scrimmage. We can’t wait to start playing so anything that resembles a game gets us pumped.

After practice we traveled back to the Olympic village for lunch (on the way we see the Parthenon everyday to and from practice—WOW, such a view!) Then we had just enough time to eat and drop off a few things in the rooms before heading back on the bus for another practice. It was just a review of plays, signs, and certain situations.

After our second practice, we had about two hours to either shop or walk around the ‘city’ area near the college. Some girls went to a K-Mart like store and bought sleeping bags (it gets pretty cold at night in the apartment), Razor scooters, and the almighty TV. We now can have movie nights! Last night was ‘Butterfly Effect.’

It’s funny watching my teammates on the scooters because they are like a gang—like in the movie ‘Sandlot’ when the other group of boys ride up on their bikes. Its been really fun though and I can’t wait to get the Games started!