Hello everyone, as you know USA Softball is right around the corner. My high school career is coming to an end in these next few weeks and I could not be more excited to start my next journey with USA Softball. Time has flown by. These next few weeks for me will be time spent with all of my family, along with studying for finals and enjoying my last weeks in high school, and also training for this summer. I am currently still in season with my high school team, we are in playoffs so lately I have been practicing everyday with them and doing a lot of training on my own. I have been running a lot to get myself in better shape and fielding and hitting almost every other day. 


Last week, I received ALL of my USA gear. Wow, what an honor. I received a huge box at my door and I immediately knew what it was. My excitement was unreal. When I opened the box I took everything out and admired every single thing that I got! It seriously felt like Christmas. It was so awesome.

 I will be wearing #4 this summer and my sister Sierra will be wearing #2! My sister and I have been talking a lot lately about this summer. The fact that we get to spend this summer together and living our dream is going to be the best. All I know is we are going to make the best of it, and enjoy every single second we have together. And also aim for that GOLD MEDAL! 

Like I said, USA Softball is right around the corner. I leave June 7th to Oklahoma City for training and then we travel playing games. Since I leave June 7th, I will be missing my graduation. But I could not be any more excited to take on this summer with my teammates and coaches. We are going to have the time of our lives and it will be a memorable summer. As it gets closer, I get more and more excited. There are only a few more weeks until you get to watch your Junior and Women's USA Softball team fight for that Gold medal! Thank you for reading everyone! 

Sydney Joy Romero #4