Hello everyone! It’s Sydney Romero again from the USA Softball Junior Women's National Team. I hope you all have had an awesome summer! This summer has definitely been one for the books. It was a long, crazy, and fun summer. I met amazing people along the way and the opportunity we all had this summer was very special. My favorite part about it was meeting my life long friends. The girls I played with were great players but even better people. This group was one of kind and our coaches were simply amazing. It was very neat to watch how quickly our team bonded and how close we all got within a matter of three months. 

As you all know the Junior team had the World Championships out in Oklahoma City at the ASA Hall of Fame Complex. It was what we have been preparing for all summer. We all wanted ONE thing and that ONE thing was a Gold medal. That week was the best week our team has ever played and the best part about it was that our timing was perfect. We ended up playing Japan in the Championship and beating them 8-1. When the last out was made I ran right to Nicole DeWitt, who was playing second base, and hugged her out of excitement. It was one of the best feelings I have ever felt. 

After the game we had the ceremonies where they announced the medalists for the event and they played our National Anthem.  At that moment it was a feeling I never will forget. Playing in front of our home crowd and winning a Gold medal was amazing. It was a very touching feeling when the National Anthem was being played. This has been the dream and goal of every single girl on this team...and we did it!  We plan on keeping this a dream and goal each year. There is nothing better than walking off that field with your team by your side and wearing USA plus a Gold medal across your neck. This is a summer I will never forget.

Right after Worlds, I came straight to the University of Oklahoma, where I will be a freshman.  I just finished my first week of college and it was better than I expected. I was nervous because the transition is a lot different and I was in a different state from my hometown. My team is great and they helped all the freshman out with anything we needed. It has been a very fun week and I am excited for the rest of my school year and I can’t wait to start playing with my team! I have been waiting years to get here and now that it is finally here it is unreal. I am loaded with excitement and I am happy that I am here. With that being said, follow the Oklahoma Sooners this year for an amazing year! Thank you for reading.

Sydney Joy Romero #4