Leading up to the International Softball Federation X Jr. Women's World Championship (19-and-under), July 1-7, 2013 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, USA Softball Junior Women's National Team members Sierra Romero, an infielder from Murrieta, Calif., and Cheridan Hawkins, a pitcher from Anderson, Calif., will be blogging for USASoftball.com. Get to know these two Jr. Team members!

June 5

Hi everyone!

Well for today's blog I wanted to talk about hard work and sacrifice. Because we all know as softball players you often have to sacrifice a lot for the sport you love.

For those of you in 12 and under and so on things are probably hectic and crazy with softball every weekend, but I can tell you this; all the hours you spend practicing, all the early morning games every weekend, and missing school dances/ functions for a tournament will all be worth it.

I would recommend making a list of goals you might want to set for yourself. I made one when I was a lot younger and looking back at it now I am very proud that I stuck to the plan and worked hard each and every day for what I wanted. Having something to work towards is a great motivator. Think about what you want to accomplish in your softball career and just do it.

Not once have I looked back and regretted anything I had to do for softball. Yes sometimes it is exhausting and all you want is weekend off, but always remember why you fell in love with the game. Always remember it is just a game and the most important thing is to go out there and have fun.

One of the most important things in an athlete is their work ethic. Work hard and the results will show. If you want to be at the top you have to work for it. Nothing will ever just be handed to you. Work hard and go after what you want. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have fun. You will play your best when you are enjoying what you do. You fell in love with softball for a reason. Never lose sight of that.

-Sierra Romero