August 11, 2004

Our daily routine since we have been in the village remains as such; Awake in the morning for either an early breakfast or a late lunch to fuel up for practice. Focused preparation then takes place followed by a late lunch or dinner before we finish the evening with a movie a la Bergy and thoughts of preparation for practice the next day.

Although today was slightly different because the team has chosen not to attend Opening Ceremonies because of our early game the next day, so we are feeling the urge to feel as much Olympic Spirit as we can.

At 7p.m. the USA Delegation lined up outside the International Zone. As we entered the zone, the surroundings could be described by a small stage with 200 or so chairs lined up for us to fill. The most impressive sight was the number of press surrounding our delegation as we entered. There were approximately 10 softball players present and as we sat down we were overwhelmed by the number of paparazzi that surrounded our team. This was it—we were at the official Flag Raising Ceremony in the Village!

The Mayor of the Village spoke for a few minutes followed by our Chef de Mission. Next we stood with our hands over our hearts singing the National Anthem. As our flag was raised up the flag pole, WOW, what an amazing moment that you can’t even describe in words. A feeling of such pride to be representing my country. At that moment the only thing I could do was close my eyes and thank God for everything I have, and this chance he has given me! The ceremony ended with questions from the press. I left with an overwhelming Feeling of Pride!