August 5, 2004

Today we woke up and headed out for an early day of practice, 8:15! You know, at 8:15 there are lots of smiles! Well, its funny here in Athens, there are always lots of smiles everywhere you turn. This has been such a incredible experience... the best is yet to come, the showdown. After a good scrimmage, we headed to the dining hall! Yes, one of the greatest places in the village!

For Crystl and Kretschman, its the good ole' McDonalds! We have seen Japan and Canada, leaving and coming to the field.We see them around the village too. Last night was fun, we met a lot of the soccer players- Mia Hamm and Heather Mitts to name a few. We ran into them at the dining hall, then the souvenir shop, and once again in the USA computer lab. Its so neat seeing and meeting other athletes that you follow and read about! It rained for about 20 minutes the last few days here in Athens, luckily not during practice.

Coca Cola has given us these key chains that give us free drinks all across the village, for me its Diet Coke and Bustos its Water and Nestea! Bustos is sitting next to me helping out with the journal too. She has been our handy woman in the village. She fixed the bathroom, so it doesn't leak all over the floor. She set up our TV, she is clutch! She rearranged our room to give us more space, which is always a good thing! Well that's it from the athlete village, for Bustos and I we're heading once again to the dining hall! Peace out!