Junior Olympic (JO) fast pitch softball is one of the largest divisions within the USA Softball grassroots program.  From National Championship to league play, there are a variety of levels you can become involved in JO fast pitch! 

At the national level, USA Softball conducts several Youth Fast Pitch National Championships each year, including Boy's Fast Pitch and Girls' Class A National Championships. 

Each state/metro association may offer additional opportunities for league or tournament play. 


- A 10th player, known as the Designated Player or DP, may be used in a starting lineup.  A DP will bat in the lineup in lieu of a defensive-only player known as the Flex.

- A windmill or "slingshot" underhand pitch is used to deliver the pitch.

- Pitches can reach up to 65-70 for women while men can reach a top speed of 75-80.

- The pitching arm may pass the hip twice but may not make two full revolutions.

- Bases are set at 60' apart.

- Pitching distance ranges from 35' at 10-Under play to 43' for 18-Under play for girls while boys pitching distance ranges from 35' to 46'.

USA Softball annually conducts National Championships for girls fast pitch from 10-Under to 18-Under in the Class A division in addition to the GOLD National Championships, which is the highest level of Championship Play for the 16-Under and 18-Under divisions.  USA Softball also holds boys fast pitch National Championships in 10-Under to 18-Under divisions.  

In addition to National Championship Finals, USA Softball also conducts a Territorial Championship Finals Tournament for Class A and Class B of JO girls fast pitch in all four territories of USA Softball.  All teams who have not qualified for a Class A National Championship are eligible to qualify for a Territorial Championship through their state/metro association.

USA Softball also conducts one Regional National Championship Finals for Class A, Class B and Class C of JO girls fast pitch.  All teams who have not qualified for a Class A National Championship are eligible to qualify for the Regional National Championship Final through their state/metro association.

Click here to see a list of National and Territorial Championships for JO Fast Pitch>>

For information on Regional National Championship Finals, please contact your state/metro association.

USA Softball recognizes the following levels of non-championship play:

01. Local league (city or county) - Weekly play often offered at the local level that are often facilitated by local Parks and Recreation departments throughout the year.

02. Invitational - Tournaments conducted across the United States that are conducted and sanctioned by state/metro associations.

For information on non-championship play opportunities within your area, please contact your state/metro association.