Player Classification FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding USA Softball's Player Classification.

Each player is assigned a rating. The ratings that can be assigned are the following: 

  • RPL (Restricted Player List) 
  • A+ 
  • B+ 
  • C+ 
  • D+ 
  • No Rating (Player hasn’t been assigned a rating) 
  • SUSP (Player has been placed on Suspension)
Player data is downloaded and acquired from five (5) sanctioning bodies including USA Softball, Independent Softball Association (ISA), National Softball Association (NSA), World Softball League (WSL) and the United State Specialty Sports Association (USSSA).  Note: For ISA and WSL only championship teams and players are available and those teams and players are also reclassified to the next highest level.  For USA Softball, NSA, and USSSA almost all Mandatory and Restricted rosters have been acquired dating back to 2005.
  • An “R” stands for restricted which means your team finished with a 2-2 record at Nationals or Worlds and it means that you and your team were “competitive” in that class. It also means you are not eligible to drop a class. If your team was in a national that was a 3GG bracket restricted is earned with a 3-2 record.
  • An “M” stands for mandatory which means your team was bumped (moved up) to the next highest classification. This means your team must compete in the next highest classification for a term of at least one season and participate in a National or World at that level. 
If your team finishes in the top 10% of your National or World Tournament, you will be bumped/moved up to the next highest classification. 
You can fill out an appeal form. A panel of national experts will review your appeal and render a decision in approximately four (4) weeks.  You may only appeal once per playing season