Slow pitch emerged as a popular division within USA Softball in the early 1950's.  Added to USA Softball's Championship program in 1953, at the National level, USA Softball annually conducts National Championships in the adult slow pitch division while many state and metro associations offer tournament and league play at the grassroots levels.

Each state/metro association may offer additional opportunities for league or tournament play. 


- A starting lineup consists of 10 players.

- On defense, teams can place the additional fielder either on infield (known as the Middle Infielder) or in the outfield.

- Teams may bat an 11th batter known as the Extra Player or EP.  This player may only be used for offense.

- The pitcher must deliver the ball towards home plate on the first forward swing of the pitching arm past the hip with an underhand motion.

- The ball is delivered with perceptible arch and must reach a height of at least 6' from the ground while not exceeding 10' from the ground.

- Bases are set at 70' apart.

- The pitching distance is 50'.

- The minimum fence distance is 265' for women, 275' for coed and 300' for men and senior divisions.

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USA Softball annually conducts National Championships for both Men and Women while also providing Championship Play at the Masters and Senior levels.

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USA Softball recognizes the following levels of non-championship play:

01. Local league (city or county) - Weekly play often offered at the local level that are often facilitated by local Parks and Recreation departments throughout the year.

02. Invitational - Tournaments conducted across the United States that are conducted and sanctioned by state/metro associations.

For information on non-championship play opportunities within your area, please contact your state/metro association.

Athletes participating at the highest level within the adult slow pitch division are classified by the Slow Pitch Player Classification Committee. 

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Players on the USA Softball restricted slow pitch player’s list may only play Class A and Super.  Any team that participates may not have more than five (5) players from the USA Softball restricted slow pitch player list.

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16-Inch Slow Pitch

At the national level, USA Softball conducts a Men's Major National Championship

Each state/metro association may offer additional opportunities for league or tournament play.


  • Participants play with a 16" softball and do not use gloves or mitts.
  • The pitching rules are similar to Slow Pitch.
  • The pitching distance is 38'.