ASA Hooters Championship Series


2009 Results


The Amateur Softball Association changed its tournament structure for Men’s Class A, B, C and D Slow Pitch and Women’s Class B, C and D Slow Pitch in 2001.The new structure split the country into East and West National Championships with the winners of each advancing to Oklahoma City to decide the true National Champion in each division of play.

In 2002, Hooters of America became the official sponsor of the men’s division of the event and obtained naming rights to the men’s series and began assisting in promoting the event through a combination of nation wide in-store promotions and advertising campaigns.

In the past the Women’s series had been known as the USA Softball National Championship Series but in 2003 the entire Championship Series was placed is under the HCS banner.In 2003, the Women’s B classification became Women’s Open and allowed teams from the upper divisions of play to compete for a shot at Oklahoma City.

Since then a number of changes have occurred in relation to the format of the Hooters Championship Series. In 2006 the divisions of play for the Men's East/West National Championship changed when the Men's Class A division was removed from the East/West concept and placed as a stand alone event that was hosted in Oklahoma City in conjunction with the Hooters Championship Series. In 2007 the Women's Open division was changed to match the format of the Men's Class A National Championship with the East/West concept being dropped and a single national championship being established in Oklahoma City during the Hooters Championship Series.

The 2008 season brought about more change when the ASA council's actions impacted the Men's Class C championship match-up after they decided to replicate what was instituted for the 2007 season. The ASA council voted to split the country into 4 territories running four separate National Championships, flying all four teams into Oklahoma City for a double-elimination showdown to determine the nation's top C team. In addition, the ASA 2K Series was launched for the Class A teams culminating with the top A teams descending on Oklahoma City for the National Championship.

A series of qualifying tournaments in the Men’s Class B, C and D and Women’s Class C and D classifications will be held April thru August in conjunction with the 83 state & metro ASA associations across the country. Over 300 local ASA sanctioned qualifying tournaments will determine which teams receive berths for the ASA East & West National Championship Finals and the Men's Class D National Championship. The eight East & West National Championship Finals tournaments will held in various locations across the country, and will bring together thousands of men’s and women’s slow pitch players. The winning teams from the East & West National Championship Finals in each classification will earn a berth into the Hooters Championships Series Finals, which takes place in Oklahoma City on September 26-28 at the nation’s best softball facility - ASA Hall of Fame Stadium Complex. The two overall division winning teams from the East and West will play in a best three out of five, winner take all series.

Winners of the East/West National Championship Finals and the Men's Class D winners will be awarded 15 round-trip airline tickets and eight hotel rooms in Oklahoma City.

Once the competition is completed in Oklahoma City, competing teams will walk away with memories that will last a lifetime and each can boast they played in the best softball facility in the country against the best teams in the country. The eventual winner’s of the Hooters Championships Series will secure the bragging rights for the next 12 months as the “Best of the Best” in their division of play and the only true national champion.