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USA Softball reveals Trajectory art piece added to Hall of Fame Complex

March 01, 2023, 4:28 p.m. (ET)

OKLAHOMA CITY – In collaboration with world-renowned artist Pete Beeman and the Oklahoma City Arts Program, USA Softball revealed the latest enhancement to the USA Hall of Fame Complex with a softball-inspired sculpture called “Trajectory” housed in the plaza of the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium – OGE Energy Field.


“We have a tremendous amount of gratitude to Oklahoma City and the Arts Program for providing the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex with this added feature and applaud artist Pete Beeman for his incredible skill in crafting the art piece down to every last detail,” said USA Softball Chief Executive Officer, Craig Cress. “Trajectory adds a special element to the Softball Capital of the World® and we are excited for fans from across the country to see it for themselves.”


Designed and installed by Beeman, the art project includes stainless steel arcs forming the trajectory of a large softball being hit out of the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex and bouncing from the top of the stadium to the plaza. The focal point of the sculpture is a three-foot-diameter glass sphere symbolizing the enlarged softball.


The $200,000 sculpture was funded through Oklahoma City’s 1% for the Arts Program as part of the facility improvements to the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex, which was included in the 2017 voter-approved “Better Streets, Safer City” bond package.


“Pete’s sculpture ‘Trajectory’ is the type of work that people will go out of their way to see,” said Arts Liaison for Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Randy Marks. "It is one more attraction to enjoy for the thousands of softball athletes and their families who come to OKC for tournaments every year.”


Beeman studied art, engineering and design at Brown and Stanford University and has since created public art pieces that are displayed in places such as Taiwan, North Carolina and Oregon. His work is often kinetic and interactive as well as industrial and playful with majority of his sculptures being created in Portland and New York City.


“For many years, I initiated our once annual 4th of July softball game in Portland, though none of us, especially not me, could catch, throw or hit the ball,” said Beeman. “We even included a softball game at my wedding. Revisiting the world of softball through this sculpture has stirred a lot of fond memories and transported me back to those happy fourths knockin’ around in the park with my friends. I think it also inspired my younger daughter to go out for her high school softball team this year! She is just starting practices now.”


Recognized as the crown jewel of softball facilities in the world, the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex continues to enhance the experience for spectators with the addition of this unique sculpture. “Trajectory” follows the recent completion of the $27.5 million-dollar renovations, which saw an added upper deck that increased capacity by 4,000 seats, a three-story press box as well as upgraded ticket windows and complex entrances. To learn more about the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex, visit


About 1% for the Arts

The 1% for Arts ordinance requires 1% of the construction budget for City of OKC buildings, parks and trails to be set aside for public art. The art selection process in OKC is resident-driven from beginning to end. From the first selection committee meetings to final approval by the City Council, at least thirty residents are directly involved in the choice, plus another 10-20 advisors and City Staff. Artists interested in learning how to be considered for art selection should email Visit to learn more about the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and the 1% for Arts Ordinance.


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