USA Softball News Happy Thanksgiving f...

Happy Thanksgiving from USA Softball

Nov. 25, 2021, 6 a.m. (ET)

We asked current and former USA Softball National Team members about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and what they are thankful for this year. Learn more about some of your favorite players and get to know some new ones! Happy Thanksgiving from the USA Softball family! 


Monica Abbott – 2x Olympic Medalist

“In softball, I'm most thankful for the community that we as softball people create," said Abbott. As far as Thanksgiving goes, her favorite traditions include baking pies and doing the Turkey Trot. Abbott's go-to Thanksgiving meal? "The leftover turkey sandwich the next day! Yummy!"




Valerie Cagle – 2021 U-18 Women's National Team

I am thankful to play for a program where the coaching staff, other support staff, and my teammates genuinely wants the best for me and care about how I’m doing," said Cagle. What tops her list of Thanksgiving dishes? “Homemade mac & cheese.”




Madison Harris – 2019 U-17 Women's National Team

I am thankful for the relationships I have built with people I have met at school and home," said Harris. "I'm also thankful for the education and travel opportunities softball has given me." Before heading back to school, Harris is looking forward to spending time with family, and — of course — eating pumpkin pie!


Baylee Klinger – 2017 Junior Women's National Team/2022 Women's National Team Invitee

This year I’m most thankful for the ability to be around others!" said Klinger. "When it comes to softball I’m most thankful for the places that I’ve been able to go and the people I’ve been able to meet throughout my career". This Thanksgiving, Klinger is looking forward to going home to Houston and spending time with her family.




Cat Osterman – 3x Olympic Medalist

I’m thankful for my family and my health this year," said Osterman. "When it comes to softball, I am thankful for all the people it has allowed me to meet and become life long friends and sisters with." When asked about her favorite Thanksgiving dish, Osterman answered, "Stuffing, without gravy on top. Give me all the stuffing!"




Keagan Rothrock – 2021 U-18 Women’s National Team

This year I am thankful for the ability to see friends and family every day, especially my grandparents because we don't get to see them that often," said Rothrock. "I'm also thankful that I have a nice facility to workout at with equipment that helps me grow as a softball player, and for all of the memories and friends that I have made through softball." Her favorite Thanksgiving dish? "My Nana's chicken and noodles." 




Zac Shaw – 2022 Men’s National Team

This year, I'm most thankful for my family and friends and the quality time I get to spend with them," said Shaw. "I'm also thankful to be around a great softball community and make many lifelong connections and friendships." When asked about Thanksgiving traditions he looks forward to, Shaw replied, "Eating the food…and I suppose seeing my family! We have this homemade noodles recipe that my mom makes — it’s one of my favorite foods!"




Haidyn Sokoloski – 2021 U-18 Women’s National Team

This year I am extremely thankful that everyone in my life has stayed healthy," said Sokoloski. "When is comes to softball, I am most thankful to get the opportunity to play for the U-18 Women's National Team in Colombia over Thanksgiving!" Her favorite food was a no-brainer: "My favorite Thanksgiving dish is of course the fruit bowl!"