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USA Softball GOLD Nationals Team Preview: SFL Diamond Dusters - Perantoni

July 14, 2021, 10:33 a.m. (ET)

As we near the start of the 2021 USA Softball GOLD National Championships, we're highlighting some of the teams who will take to the fields in Salem, Va. 

Meet SFL Diamond Dusters - Perantoni, a team competing in the 16-Under division. Based out of Florida, Head Coach Scott Perantoni breaks down what you can expect to see from his 2021 roster.




Team: SFL Diamond Dusters - Perantoni

Home State: Florida

Head Coach: Scott Perantoni

Team Twitter: @SFLDusters_

Team Facebook: Diamond Dusters



Previous GOLD Nationals Experience: First-time Participant.


What year was the team/organization founded: The team/organization was founded in 2001.


How long the team has been together: Three years.


Noteworthy events and recent tournaments: 2019 PGF Easton Invitational- Runner Up, 2019 Rising Stars- Champion, 2020 USA Softball JO Cup- Participant, 2020 Inaugural US Games- Participant, 2020 Inaugural UMR Showcase- Champion, 2020 Power 50 Showcase- Champion, 2020 USA Gold Qualified, and 2021 Diamond Classic- Champion.


Returning players from 2020: 11.


What are some of the strengths your team will bring this season"We have a balance of speed and power with a current team batting average of .358. Our offensive is explosive and we are very exciting on the base path. Our offense is supported by a sure-handed infield and extremely fast outfield, and led by a stellar pitching staff. This squad is a tight group of sisters who fight hard together and are outscoring their opponents by an average of seven runs this season."


What is a primary focus your team has as you prepare for the 2021 GOLD Nationals: "Our girls prepared hard for this summer, chasing some of the toughest competition in the country. Since finishing their high school seasons, we have travelled across three states and played eight out of nine weeks in a row. This preparation will no doubt pay off in Virginia."


Why do you like playing USA Softball and participating in the GOLD Nationals: "USA Softball and GOLD Nationals has always been synonymous with top competition. We love nothing more than to play the best teams we can."