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USA Softball GOLD Nationals Team Preview: MS ThunderBolts-Groves

July 08, 2021, 12:25 p.m. (ET)

As we near the start of the 2021 USA Softball GOLD National Championships, we're highlighting some of the teams who will take to the fields in Salem, Va. 

Meet MS ThunderBolts-Groves, a team competing in the 18-Under division. Based out of Mississippi, Head Coach Justin Groves breaks down what you can expect to see from his 2021 roster.




Team: MS ThunderBolts-Groves

Home State: Mississippi

Head Coach: Justin Groves

Team Twitter: @BoltsGroves

Team Facebook: Mississippi ThunderBolts-Groves 18u

Team Website:



Previous GOLD Nationals Experience: First-time Participant.


What year was the team/organization founded: "We were founded five years ago in the Impact Gold Organization. We were Impact Gold Holeman Premier until this last spring when we joined forces with Jay Roberson and the Bolts Organization."


How long the team has been together: Five years.


Noteworthy events and recent tournaments: Two-time USA Softball JO Cup attendee, TCS Fireworks, TCS US Nationals, Scenic City, Bolts 5 Star, Atlanta Legacy, and D9.


Returning players from 2020: 11.


What are some of the strengths your team will bring this season"We have solid bats and pitching. We are a team from the swamps of Mississippi and lower Alabama who are out here to compete."


What is a primary focus your team has as you prepare for the 2021 GOLD Nationals: "As we prepare for USA Softball GOLD Nationals we are working on the basics. Our seniors are focusing on getting themselves ready to give one last push before they head off to college."


Why do you like playing USA Softball and participating in the GOLD Nationals: "The tournaments are well run and there is a high level of competition."