USA Softball News October Blues Across...

October Blues Across America

Oct. 19, 2020, 10:55 a.m. (ET)

Region 2 |

Kim Johnson, far left, USA Softball Ohio, pictured with Linda Hoover of Michigan and Brad Newton of Alabama prior to working the 14-Under Championship Game in this year's JO Cup in Spartanburg, S.C. Kim has been umpiring both FP and SP for well over 20 years and is very active in training and mentoring umpires in his local association, especially in his hometown of Cincinnati.  Kim is married to Michelle Fletcher Johnson and of course, they met through softball and umpiring. Kim’s hard work to always improve has led him to the Elite program and certification as a WBSC umpire.

Region 4 |

Casey Rager is a USA Softball of Alabama umpire. Rager began working with USA Softball in 1986 as a teenager calling Men’s Slow Pitch. In the mid 1990s, Rager transitioned to Fast Pitch and has since worked five Fast Pitch National Championships including the 2020 18-Under GOLD National Championships. He has also called many Slow Pitch National Championships during his time as a USA Softball of Alabama umpire.  

Region 6 |

Bernie Nabozny, USA Softball of Michigan, has been umpiring local and state tournaments for over 20 years. This past August, Nabozny was selected for his first National Championship assignment at the Men’s D Northern Slow Pitch National Championship in Rockford, Miss. In addition to umpiring, Nabozny has been an Art and English teacher at a local High School for 33 years. 

Region 10 |

Desiree Jacobsen, USA Softball of SoCal, has a maternal instinct that comes in handy on the softball field. She is a natural teacher on and off the field and works hard to get the call right by having extensive knowledge of the rules. USA Softball of SoCal is grateful to have umpire Jacobson!


Region 10 |

USA Softball of Southern California is so grateful to have such an amazing crew! Neill Kovrig, Sandi Diaz and Kreg Harsha are a part of the backbone of USA Softball of SoCal's Slow Pitch program. They are a ray of light during this type of quarantine and we cannot wait to see them back on the field again!