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Happy Thanksgiving from USA Softball

Nov. 25, 2020, 3:27 p.m. (ET)

We asked members of the 2019-2020 USA Softball National Teams what their favorite parts of #Thanksgiving are and what they are thankful for this year. Although family gatherings may look different this year, there is always something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from the #USASoftball family! 


Cat Osterman – Women’s National Team

“I’m most thankful for my being able to have spent more time with my family, and my family being safe, healthy and happy.”



Osterman's Top 2 Thanksgiving dishes? “Stuffing! I absolutely love stuffing," she said. "Cranberry sauce is a close second.”


Valerie Arioto – Women’s National Team

“I am thankful for my amazing support system and family. I am grateful to be surrounded by so much love!”



Amanda Chidester – Women’s National Team

“I am thankful for the health of my family!”



“Although we won’t have the whole family together this year, I am looking forward to meeting my new nephew and creating new Thanksgiving traditions with all the additions to my family," Chidester said.


Chidester's favorite Thanksgiving dish? “Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy combo on a roll!"


Taylor Edwards – Women’s National Team

“I’m most thankful for the health and safety of my family. This year has been crazy for people across the world but day to day, we can make a change and work to stay positive for the future.”



“The Thanksgiving tradition that I’m most looking forward to is playing board games with my family," Edwards said. "I love when we get competitive against each other and laugh until it hurts.”


When asked about her favorite Thanksgiving dish, Edwards said, “Definitely sweet potato casserole. It’s the perfect thing to end an amazing day with family.”


Monica Abbott – Women’s National Team

“I am thankful for being surrounded by a strong and loving community of family and friends, and how COVID has made us closer.”



“Our recent Thanksgiving traditions have included doing a turkey trot in the morning which is fun," Abbott said. "I look forward to that and the leftovers the most!"


What is Abbott's go-to Thanksgiving dish? “The best dish is Pumpkin Pie, for sure.”


Michelle Moultrie – Women’s National Team

“I am thankful for community.”



“I love to help cook on Thanksgiving and I love being surrounded by family," Moultrie said. "Our family decided not to travel this year due to COVID, so we’ll have a much smaller gathering but we still plan to get together via Zoom.”


What tops Moultrie's list of Thanksgiving dishes? “Grandma’s homemade dinner rolls.”


Claire Ginder – U-17 Women’s National Team

“This year I’m most thankful for how much closer I’ve been able to get with my family. They’re my rock and I’m so thankful for the support I have from them.”



Haidyn Sokoloski – U-17 Women’s National Team

“This year I am incredibly thankful that my family has stayed safe through this pandemic and that my team was able to play softball over summer!”



“Every year I look forward to our Thanksgiving tradition of setting up our Christmas tree right before Thanksgiving," Sokoloski said.


Sokoloski's favorite Thanksgiving food? “My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the fruit bowl! I don’t know why, but during Thanksgiving dinner it is 100% better!”


Avery Hodge – U-17 Women’s National Team



“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is hunting with my dad and uncle," said Hodge.


As far as her favorite Thanksgiving dish, Hodge answered: “Sweet potatoes with marshmallows.”


Will Ponce – U-18 Men’s National Team

“I’m most thankful for still getting opportunities to play baseball and softball through the pandemic.”



“Our Thanksgiving tradition is being with my whole family and having dinner together," said Ponce. "Due to COVID, we are limiting the amount of family so we can continue to stay safe and healthy."


When asked about his favorite Thanksgiving dish, Ponce answered: “Mashed potatoes!”


Blake Kerr – U-18 Men’s National Team

“I’m most thankful for the health and safety of my friends and family during this pandemic.”



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