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May Blues Across America

May 13, 2019, 12:10 p.m. (ET)

  Region 1 I Brad Sanchez, USA Softball of Connecticut,has been umpiring for 20 years ago, has umpired in 13 National Slow Pitch Championships, was awarded the National Indicator Fraternity in 2012, became an Elite Umpire in 2014, and is now a Deputy UIC for USA Softball of Connecticut. Brad was elected into the Connecticut Hall of Fame for slow pitch in 2017. He had a passion for volunteering his time for Special Olympics early in his career; at the local and state level and was selected to the USA Special Olympics National Invitational games in Seattle, Washington. Pictured to Brad’s right are Beverly Funicelli (MD) and Randy Shepard (OH) in Seattle, Washington.
Region 1 I Dennis “Jake” Shulda from USA Softball of Massachusetts has been a softball umpire for 30+ years for high school, college and USA Softball.  Jake is on the Board of Directors for the Greenfield Girls Softball League and member of the USA Softball of Massachusetts umpire staff. He has helped to expand the footprint of USA Softball in Western Massachusetts on both league and tournament levels.  His greatest contribution may be his unrelenting commitment to mentor and train umpires, which makes Jake a highly-respected person and well loved by softball enthusiasts of all ages.

Region 1 I Patrick Goode of USA Softball of Massachusetts began umpiring last year after four years of officiating youth baseball. Patrick worked over 80 softball games in both One and Two Umpire Systems in his first year. Patrick, a student of the game, took advantage of classes and mentors to develop outstanding mechanics, rules knowledge and game management skills. Patrick is a high school junior, a member of the National Honor Society and plays both varsity hockey and baseball. Patrick even recruited a friend to umpire this year - hats off to Blues of the future!
Region 1 I Sonny Pompilii, USA Softball of Pennsylvania, has been a registered USA Softball umpire for 48 years, is the State Deputy UIC and the UIC for District 6 in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  He is also WBSC certified in Fast Pitch and has worked numerous WBSC Championships both in the U.S. as well as around the world.  He has his Elite status in both Slow Pitch and Fast Pitch.

Region 3 I John Dendy, USA Softball of South Carolina, first registered as a USA Softball military umpire in 1970, has umpired for the past 49 years and is a member of the National Indicator Fraternity. He has worked local league, State & Regional Championships, three USA Softball National Championships and continues to umpire JO Fast Pitch and High School softball. He works both Slow Pitch and Fast Pitch, is a trainer for new and veteran umpires, and serves as a UIC and assigner for the local district.
Region 3 I Zack Barrows, USA Softball of Tennessee, has been umpiring USA Softball for seven years, has worked four National Championships from 10U through 14U. Zack was honored to be accepted into the Gold Medal Program this year. Zack is currently teaching at Berean Academy in Hixson, Tenn., where he teaches fourth grade. He is a coach of elementary school basketball as well as the high school assistant softball coach for Lookout Valley High School in Chattanooga, Tenn.
  Region 7 I Don Wilgenbusch, USA Softball of Iowa, listens at the USA Softball of Iowa umpire clinics.  Don is a veteran umpire, has worked over 12 national championships, and still takes the time to attend training clinics to better his umpiring skills.

Region 7 I EliKincaid, USA Softball of Iowa, is listening to John Orlowski speak at the USA Softball of Iowa umpire clinic.  Eli is from the Quad Cities and is a five-year veteran working on his umpire career.
  Region 7 I Sarah Cook and Curtis Iburg, USA Softball of Iowa, listen at an umpire clinic in Iowa in March.  Curtis and Sarah, veteran umpires, help the program by selling USA Softball merchandise at the clinic.
Region 7 I Toni Lewis and Jay Honohan from USA Softball of Iowa are deep in thought as they listen to John Orlowski talk at the USA Softball of Iowa Umpire clinics.