USA Softball News June Blues Across Am...

June Blues Across America

June 19, 2019, 12 p.m. (ET)

Region 8 | Paul Kraimer from USA Softball of Minneapolis has been a registered umpire for 25 years and apart of the Minneapolis UIC since 2005. Displaying excellent angle and distance here, Paul has excelled at the top levels of slow pitch while working events including the Super Slow Pitch National Championships and the Border Battle. Paul has been the UIC at several national championships and is a top clinician in the Northern Region.
Region 8 | Alec Holman from USA Softball of Minneapolis has been a USA Softball umpire for 37 years. Alec, an Elite umpire in Slow Pitch, has always been there when someone needed help. Shown here working the slot, Alec has worked nine National Championships, including the Hooter’s Championship Series in Oklahoma City and Men’s Class A Slow Pitch. Alec is the top deputy UIC in Minneapolis and works to train new USA Softball umpires.

Region 8 | Lon Sorenson, USA Softball of Minnesota, has been a USA Softball umpire for 21 years. He has worked four National Championships including the Men’s B slow pitch in Oklahoma City and will work the Men’s A Slow Pitch this year in Tennessee. Lon, shown here working well with a catcher, runs a hockey facility full time and is engaged to be married this summer.
Region 10 | USA Softball of SoCal proudly introduces Kreg Harsha. Kreg is one of the first member umpires to support our program and help to train our newer Slow Pitch umpires. His infectious smile helps the players to keep a fun disposition on the field.

Region 10 | On February 10, 2019, Miss Jaap Bains (pictured left) of USA Softball of Sacramento and Miss Jennavieve Rapoza of USA Softball of Hawaii graduated from their first National Umpire School in San Bruno, CA. They were able to connect with other young umpires, share their personal experiences and help each other with their officiating skills. Both have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn life-long skill sets such as responsibility, accountability, conflict resolution, public speaking and self-confidence. Their fellow umpires from Hawaii and Sacramento were elated to see Jaap and Jenna participate and contribute in the lectures and both associations are excited to have these girls as part of their family. Bains and Rapoza are great examples to newer youth umpires as their continued growth as umpires helped them meet their future goals, which can now include assignment to a National tournament.
Region 10 | Elite Umpire Stan Finch, UIC for USA Softball of Hawaii, spent the day at the Hawaii Special Olympics Softball Tournament. We enjoy giving back to these athletes. They show determination and courage on and off the field as well as in life.

Region 10 | Third generation umpire Calvin Louie from USA Softball of San Francisco umpired his first two Slow Pitch games. Calvin went through our 28th Annual San Francisco Umpire School Rules and Mechanics for Slow and Fast Pitch in February. Great job Calvin!