USA Softball News July Blues Across Am...

July Blues Across America

July 11, 2019, 10:44 a.m. (ET)

Region 1 | Robert Santiago of USA Softball of Massachusetts began his ASA/USA Umpire career in 1992 as an ASA Umpire while serving in the United States Navy in Central Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and continued in that capacity until 1995.

Robert served in the United States Navy for a very distinguished 20 years. Robert had the distinct honor of serving as a crew member onboard the USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides” for three years until his retirement in 2008 from the United States Navy. Santiago is proud of his service to the game of softball and gives back to the game he loves by volunteering his time and services to the NAGAAA and the Bay State Games.

Region 3 | Calvin Sims, USA Softball of Tennessee, is a year-round sports official in the greater Nashville area working USA Softball and basketball. He’s umpired USA Softball over 30 years, currently working college, high school and USA Softball recreational games.  He served in the military, spending several years deployed overseas before retiring in 1994. Calvin dedicates his off time to training new and old umpires with the goal to help improve the actions of those he meets.

Region 5 | K. Michael Byerley, USA Softball Houston, has spent 39 years as a USA Softball Umpire. He has umpired three National Championships, acted as the Tournament Director for three National Championships, and also served as the USA Softball representative at one National Championship. He spends most of his time now as the USA Softball of Houston Player Rep and Deputy Umpire-in-Chief.
Region 7 | Brad Gaylord, USA Softball of St. Louis, a Marine and licensed certified paramedic, is working to build his officiating skills.  Brad started umpiring as a young teen and enjoys the camaraderie on and off the field.  He attended a NUS in Arkansas in 2017 and has now umpired two USA National Championships. He helps at clinics and has even started assisting in a tournament UIC role.

Region 7 | Josh Rosenfield, USA Softball of St. Louis, started umpiring as a young teenager over 20 years ago.  A veteran at several USA Softball National Championships, Rosenfield is now a family man who enjoys teaching and being an athletic trainer at a local high school.  Josh shares his knowledge with many umpires and enjoys getting out on the field whenever he can.
Region 7 | Joshua Lee, USA Softball of St. Louis, is a youth umpire who has put in quite a bit of time.  He attends clinics, breakouts, and is pretty good with the rules.  Joshua was a “Leon Legacy” winner this past summer at two different tournaments.  He steps up and helps out whenever he can. Joshua was also instrumental this summer in helping umpires at the JO Cup held in St. Louis.

Region 7 | Brennan White, USA Softball of St. Louis, is a college baseball player who enjoys umpiring during the summer.  He’s great for the game and enjoys umpiring league and tournament play. Ready to get out there whenever needed, Brennan stepped up this summer and was a “Leon Legacy” winner at one of our largest tournaments.

  Region 7 | James McFerren, USA Softball of St. Louis, has had many roles in softball.  He’s coached his daughter’s teams, he umpires slow pitch leagues during the week, and umpires fast-pitch tournaments on the weekends.  He is currently at the Bronze Level of the USA Softball Medals Program and is working toward the Silver Level. USA Softball of St. Louis is proud to have James McFerren as a member.
Region 7 | USA Softball of St. Louis recognizes Robert “Bob” Berthold for starting his 50th year as a member umpire. Bob became of member of the National Indicator Fraternity in 2015 and has achieved the Gold Level in the USA Softball Medals Program.  Bob attends many of our local clinics and begins his mental and physical preparation work early to ensure he is ready for any assignment.  USA Softball of St. Louis is proud to have him as a member.
Region 9 | Fifteen-year-old Nic Morhous, USA Softball of Washington, working his first men’s plate game after being mentored by MMFP Umpire Jack Floyd on the elements of the men’s game.  Nic has been umpiring for three years and plans on continuing for years to come.
Region 9 | USA Softball of Idaho, Idaho Falls Umpires, had a great time at our first three umpire mechanic training day this June according to UIC Randy Homer.  Randy has been making an impact on the Idaho Falls area by training and promoting his umpires since becoming their UIC.