September | Letter from the President

Sept. 30, 2018, 4:58 p.m. (ET)

Hello and welcome to The Inside Pitch, the official newsletter of USA Softball!


Our Championship season has now come to a close. All the Champions have been crowned. Thanks once again to all that have been involved with USA Softball over the course of the year in doing outstanding work behind the scenes. USA Softball is nothing without those in the field working hard to promote our game and make our events the best out there.  


As we get ready for the 87th Council Meeting, I am looking forward to seeing everyone again as we prepare for the 2019 season and beyond. I have seen the proposed amendments to our Code, Procedural Manual and Rules and am pleased to see numerous proposals that would change how we qualify teams for our youth events. Special thanks to Dakota Hill for suggesting a working group of the Regional JO Commissioners and Chair and Vice-Chairs of the JO Committee. This group met several times via conference call in August and September and produced several pieces of legislation for us to consider. Good job all. 


Now that we are back on the Olympic Program (and the first to qualify for the Tokyo games!) we are still in the process of being audited by the USOC for approval as an Olympic sport. I know that seems a little like the old cart before the horse but that’s how it’s played out. The audit was necessary because we are moving from being a Pan Am sport back to an Olympic sport. The audit includes a total review of our Code, Procedural Manual and By-Laws. A working group consisting of Valerie Arioto, Bev Wiley, Darrin Duistermars, ET Colvin and myself was formed by President Jones in 2017 to start the process.  We worked along with staff and legal counsel to produce a document that met the USOC’s guidelines while maintaining most of our current procedures. The audit is nearly complete and at our September meeting the Board approved a draft set of bylaws that went to the USOC. Our Executive Director will have an update for us at Council. Yes, it means change and change is never easy, but it’s also an opportunity. The opportunity is for us to look at our structure and governance and make USA Softball a better organization. Please look at it with that thought in mind.


Safe travels to all of you who will soon gather in Oklahoma City, the Mecca of Softball, and work to make USA Softball a better organization.


See you at the ballpark!