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November Blues Across America

Nov. 19, 2018, 5:11 p.m. (ET)

  Region 1 I Lee Prong of USA Softball of New York has worked local leagues, tournaments, and four National Championships over his 35 year career and has served as the director of the 2012 ASA National Umpire School held in Victor, NY.  As the Wayne-Finger Lakes UIC, Lee trains new and veteran umpires alike and serves as UIC for local district tournaments.  Lee is very interested about the rich history of softball in New York State and has become the state historian collecting hundreds of newspaper articles, photographs and tournament directories over the past 35 years.
Region 1 I Dave Pierson of USA Softball of Connecticut has umpired in the Connecticut Special Olympics the last 15 years at the Division and State Championships, and has worked the Gold Medal game numerous times. Dave was also selected to work the North American Special Olympics Softball Championships in Bismarck, North Dakota in 2017.

Region 3 I  Jim Hiett of USA Softball of Georgia has been a member for over 30 years, regularly working Fast Pitch, Slow Pitch and Modified Pitch. He has participated in 29 National Championships in an assortment of roles including Umpire, UIC, Assistant UIC, and Umpire Coordinator. Jim is a member of the Elite Program (Modified), WBSC Certified (Modified), National Indicator Fraternity and is currently serving in the role of USA Softball of Georgia State Training Coordinator with a focus on helping umpires improve their skills to advance to national championships.
Region 7 I Anel Dozo, USA Softball of Iowa, is in his first-year umpiring. Anel has lots of potential as shown in his first year. Pictured is Anel “pre-pitching”.

Region 7 I Mark Thornton, USA Softball of Iowa, takes a minute to check with the scorekeeper before starting a 12-under fast-pitch game.
Region 7 I Pictured here, Steve Schroeder of USA Softball of Iowa talking with some parents after working a youth softball game.

  Region 7 I John Jeffress, USA Softball of St. Louis, is a long-time umpire who joineD a few years ago. Jeffress attended a USA Softball National Umpire School in 2017 and umpired his first USA Softball Territorial National Championship in Summer of 2018.
Region 7 I Eugene Bouie, USA Softball of St. Louis, joined several years ago.  An advocate of the game and a great umpire mentor for young players, Eugene works hard throughout the entire season! Eugene attends clinics and breakouts throughout the year to make him a better umpire. He works just as hard during league play as he did for his first USA Softball National Championship.