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May 07, 2018, 2:42 p.m. (ET)

Lisa Bull DiLullo, of USA Softball of Connecticut, credits USA Softball training and mentoring with any success she’s enjoyed as an umpire. A member of the National Indicator Fraternity (NIF), Lisa also makes time each year to apply for and, if selected, work volunteer assignments like the Special Olympics tournaments. Whether an 8-Under game, a Women’s Major tournament, or adult slow-pitch, Lisa wholeheartedly agrees that the most important game is the one you’re umpiring right now! 




John “Rusty” West was selected as the 2017 USA Softball of Tennessee Umpire of the Year and is a member of the Tennessee state training staff.  He is doing a great job of developing and implementing training in Tennessee. He set up and maintains the USA Softball of TN Umpires Facebook page by posting great articles about USA Softball in Tennessee. He has worked four National Championships and seeking to work his first 18U Gold.





Jerry Norris of USA Softball of Dallas/Ft. Worth has been umpiring since 1991. He is a veteran of the Marine Corp and uses his law enforcement background to help mediate and diffuse intense situations on the softball field.  He shares his passion for the game by mentoring younger umpires in the USA Softball way of working a softball game. His team attitude is shared with anyone taking the field to work a game with him. He truly believes that the umpire crew is the third team on the field. 




Johnny McCoy, from USA Softball of Texas, has been a committed USA Softball umpire for 40 years and he has umpired numerous state and national tournaments at the highest levels. Killeen, Texas became his beloved hometown upon retirement after serving 23 dedicated years in the US Army. A recent inductee into the NIF, Johnny proudly holds the position of District 18 UIC for USA Softball of Texas.





Tony “Too Tall” Ramirez, from USA Softball of San Antonio, has roamed the fields in San Antonio for over 50 years.  He still works three to five times a week in the Slow Pitch program while still being active in Fast Pitch for both High School and Junior Olympic (JO) teams. At the young age of 87, Tony’s passion for umpiring is unsurpassed as it was as a young Golden Glove boxer who won many accolades and is well-known throughout Texas.



Kristina Klump, from USA Softball of St. Louis, is a Navy Veteran who started umpiring for the first time back in 2014 after she attended a clinic and immediately loved all aspects of umpiring.  A hard worker, she attended several local clinics, breakouts, and then went to a National Umpire School (NUS). She umpired two territory National Championships, earning a spot on the last day before umpiring this past summer’s 14-Under USA Softball National Championship and earning a great assignment on Championship Day!






Henry Allen, from USA Softball of St. Louis, is a career Army Veteran who started umpiring adult slow pitch four years ago.  He umpires several nights a week all around the St. Louis metropolitan area.  He works hard learning the game and hustles his tail off every game. Often times he’s right on top of the play at second base!







Dylan Russell, from USA Softball of St. Louis, earned his Eagle Scout Rank and had his Court of Honor this past Veterans Day.  Dylan started umpiring a few years ago following in his father’s, Daimon Russell (right), foot steps.  He enjoys getting out and umpiring weekends.  He promises not to spend the money he makes each tournament all at one time.  USA Softball of St. Louis is proud to have him (and dad) as members!





Wallace Chocklon, from USA Softball of Seattle, adds a perfect punch out for a close play at third base. Wally is a 30-year veteran who has worked at the top levels of the game. He is loved for his booming voice and infectious laugh.




Jerry Forknerfrom, from USA Softball of Seattle, is ready to move any way necessary as he keeps his eye on the ball. Jerry has umpired nearly 30 years, works Special Olympics every year, and heads up USA Softball of Seattle's umpire mentor program.