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March Blues Across America

March 07, 2018, 10:17 a.m. (ET)

Arietta Chevian from USA Softball of Rhode Island has been involved in softball since she was five years old. Arietta was a junior umpire for Apponaug Girls softball for 4 years, serving her last year as a junior umpire assigner.  She recruited and coordinated all training for her JO umpire group under the guidance of her mentor and UIC Susan Johnson. Today, Arietta is umpiring as an adult umpire.  She has worked recreational, invitational, college showcase and state playoff games.

Pictured: Arietta with her mentor, Susan Johnson



Dalton is from Jackson, Ala. where he began umpiring. He has four years experience as a USA Softball umpire working games with age levels ranging from 8U to 18U.  Dalton worked his first college showcase in 2017 and demonstrated exceptional umpiring abilities. He continues to hone his skills as a fourth-year fast pitch softball umpire in Massachusetts while he studies Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University.




Ken Hopkins from USA Softball of South Carolina has been a USA Softball umpire for 19 years. Ken, who has umpired in nine National Championships, has a passion for USA Softball and loves being on the field as a mentor in helping new umpires get started in their umpiring careers. Ken is a member of the USA Softball of South Carolina Umpire Staff as a UIC of his local association.







Gary has been a USA Softball of San Antonio umpire for over 30 years. Currently a Deputy UIC, Gary is the lead trainer for both Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch softball in his association. He loves being on the field like he was in 2016 at the Women’s Armed Forces Championships, which earned him the USA Softball of San Antonio’s Commissioner’s Award.




Gerald Green (USA Softball of Texas) has been a loyal USA Softball umpire for 54 years, 32 of which have been in Killeen, Texas. He is an Army veteran of 26 years, and that lead him to his passion: youth and adult softball programs. Gerald is proud supporter of District 18 of USA Softball of Texas and resides in his hometown of Copperas Cove, Texas.




 Larry Wanless of Houston, Texas is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is a retired Air Traffic Controller. He has over 20+ years of service to USA Softball as an umpire and is currently the Fast Pitch Deputy UIC for USA Softball of Houston.






Pictured: Veteran Kansas USA Softball umpire Tom Browne working the inaugural All-American Games (July 2017) at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City.





Pictured: Kansas USA softball umpire Dave Epperson working a Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team (WWAST) game at the McQuade's Slow Pitch Tournament in June 2016. Epperson has been a USA Softball umpire for 45 years.






Pictured: Kayden Haynes is from Benton City, Wash. learning from National Indicator Fraternity (NIF) member Frank Weisgerber, who has been umpiring for 28 years and enjoys mentoring. Kayden is in his sixth year as a USA Softball Umpire, and has worked four state tournaments as well as the 10U and 12U Western Nationals.




Mike Sepe from Everett, Wash. knows how to keep a game under control by using good game management. Mike has been umpiring for 39 years and in that time has earned his Elite and his Gold Level Medal Award.  He is always willing to help with training wherever needed and has mentored numerous umpires throughout his career.