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July | Blues Across America

July 03, 2018, 10:50 a.m. (ET)

Region 1 | Frank Guglielmo, USA Softball of New York City, has been a USA Softball Umpire for 14 years and been an Educator in the New York Public School system for over 31 years. He has been a varsity coach for boys and girls basketball program on Staten Island for over 28 years. He was voted as Outstanding Umpire in 2011, inducted in the National Indicator Fraternity in 2017 and received his Association Service Award in 2017.

Region 3 | Kayla Carpenter is a member of USA Softball of Florida and got into umpiring while assisting the UIC staff at the 2012 16U National Championship in Montgomery, Alabama and has been involved with USA softball ever since. In 2014 Kayla has worked the 18U National Championship in Montgomery, Alabama, 2017, worked the 14U National Championship in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she worked the championship game behind the plate and in 2018, is working the 18U/16U GOLD National Championship.

Region 5 | Domingo Fonseca has been a valued member of the Brazos Valley Softball Umpires Association, a chapter of the USA Softball of Texas association, for 24 years.  He was always around the ballpark and decided to become an umpire just to make a little extra money but since starting, it has become more than just making a little extra money.  His favorite saying is, "The mind is like a parachute. If you do not let your mind open up to new things as an umpire, you won't make it."  His favorite thing about umpiring is making new friends and traveling to new places. And he has done that umpiring in twelve nationals ranging from 10U to Men's Masters.

Region 5Jeff Rodriguez of USA Softball of Texas is the President of the local umpire association in Austin, TX and mentors the younger umpires in his association to ensure they receive and follow the USA Softball Rules and Umpire Mechanics.  He emphasizes that the USA Softball mechanics are the best foundation for an umpire to have to become a successful umpire. Jeff is currently working on his Elite Umpire status and plans to use that as an achievable goal for others in his association to follow.

Region 7 Umpire Crew Shoutout | At the JO Classic in Aurora, the Colorado crew was showing off their best uniforms and poses. They all worked a very busy weekend filled with some solid competitive ball and great officiating.  Thank you to all who made the trip. 

Region 7 | Cindy Hill, from USA Softball of St. Louis, hustles from behind the plate at this past year’s 14UA Northern National Championship.  A veteran umpire with over a decade of experience, Cindy has attended three National Umpire Schools. She works nightly at local house leagues and mentors many younger umpires.

Region 9 | George Gunnfrom, USA Softball of Seattle, watches for runners leaving early at a National Championship. This is George’s fourth year as an umpire and he has quickly progressed in umpiring. He also runs the umpire recruiting and training program.

Region 9 Steven Bonham and Nic Morhous from USA Softball of Washington continue into their third year of umpiring.  These two young umpires each year make an impact on the lives of the Special Olympics Athletes that they work with.

Region 9 Megan Rabin from USA Softball of Seattle watches the ball as she pops out from behind the plate. Megan is an Elite Umpire and WBSC certified, and has worked at some of the top levels within the game nationwide while still making time to help with training new umpires.